Tuesday, January 1, 2013

[Videos] Down To Mars in GMA New Year Countdown

I am so proud of Down To Mars when I saw them in Win na Win sa 2013: The GMA New Year Countdown.  They sang, danced and even introduced a new dance craze using  their own song!

Photo courtesy of Down To Mars.  
Lifted from Down To Mars FB fanpage

Alright, I won't keep you long, I just found the links where to watch Down To Mars in last night's GMA countdown. Super heaps of thanks to the uploader.

In this first clip you will see Down To Mars strutting the stage at 2:36 to 2:52 at the beginning of the show. 

Btw, set quality of video to 360p for better quality viewing.

Did you hear the loud cheering when they came out?

Next clip is when Down To Mars and Janno Gibbs brought the whole Mall of Asia crowd to dance to 'Gangnam Style'. Fast forward to 3:49 is you wish to see them right away.

Hee, Kenji seems to be lost in the dance step at the beginning and Jeongwong noticed it. ^^ And hey! Check out Daisuke singing few liners of 'Gangnam Style'.

Down To Mars with Ms. Geleen Eugenio
in their Gangnam Style production outfit.
Photo lifted from Down To Mars FB fanpage

The surprise of the countdown for many of the viewers is the introduction of the new dance craze (chest thrusting and leg kicking) to the music of Down to Mars' 'O, Oh Here We Are'. The dance is so simple (cardio dancexercise ... whew! )  and of course the song is very much catchy.

I am so proud of Down To Mars when I saw this on TV. I like it much! 

Fast forward to 11:14 to view and try out the new dance craze.

Btw, the lyrics and music of 'O, Oh Here We Are' is by Kenji, Jang and Jeongwon.

Down To Mars with Ms. Geleen Eugenio
dancing the new dance craze to the music of 
DTM's 'O, Oh Here We Are'.
Photo courtesy of @yachihollanda on Twitter

And for the finale, the countdown ended with 'O, Oh Here We Are' with all the stars again on stage. Check out until the credits where some staff and crew of the show also are dancing to the new dance craze.

Start at 9:37 mark is you wish.

So nice, right?  It feels so good watching them on TV doing what they really like to do best.

After seeing them in the countdown, all I have are good vibes for them in 2013.

Cheers to you, Down To Mars!


  1. Whoo ! Blooming si Jang ! So kuleet ng New Dance Craze ! Happy new Year sa DOWN TO MARS . lo0veyou guyas <3!

  2. Thank you for this! Di ko to napanood!!!


  3. COOLET ng new Dance Craze....thanks ate lizzy for all these amazing blogs :)Happy new year

    1. Happy New Year too Louise Laine and thanks for the nice compliment. Nakaka-inspire.