Thursday, January 31, 2013

Audition to Become a Member of Down To Mars

Hello everyone! This is Clique and I am a guest blogger here.

@crazee_lizzy is unavailable and asked me do post this on her behalf. Because I love her to the max, I am helping this crazy friend of mine. Yes I have heard her talk so much of Down To Mars and I am happy that the members of Down To Mars have given her reasons to smile, laugh and go crazy once again. The crazee_lizzy I love so much is back.


Posted by Down To Mars on Twitter account (@WeAreDownToMars)
and Facebook fanpage (

Attention: GMA is searching for THREE (3) new members of Down to Mars. This is for INTERNATIONAL PURPOSES. This is one of the BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY that comes once in a lifetime. #DownToMarsGoesGLOBAL

WHERE: GMA New Building Rehearsal Room 3
WHEN: February 1, 2013
TIME: 2:00pm

Auditionees must be ASIAN looking. Must know how to sing and dance and required to prepare 1 song and dance number, whole body and a close up picture.

To those who are interested, please contact +639064928050 .

And if you know someone who fits our criteria please let us know by contacting the number above. Thank you!

Spread the word!

A short notice that was only posted this afternoon I was told. Good luck  to everyone auditioning.

This has been your guest blogger, Clique!  @crazee_lizzy you owe me dinner!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Down To Mars in GMA International Office

Down To Mars made a courtesy call to the officers of GMA International at GMA Network Office last Monday, 28th of January.

GMA International, is the business unit managing the operations and marketing of GMA Networks international channels - GMA Pinoy TV, GMA Life TV and GMA News TV International.

Sharing with you here some photos from their visit.  Loads of thanks to Ayene for sending this set of photos.

Click each photo to enlarge, they're better seen bigger.

They all look handsome in the photos above, right?  I guess the guys have had some good sleep after their busy schedule last week. 

Jeongwon was not able to join the other members because he has been sick since Sunday after Party Pilipinas.  Up to this writing, I believe that he is still sick.  Poor Jeongwon.

Anyway... here is sending Jeongwon an  angel... >(^_^)< give him lots of care and to make him well fast.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Down To Mars in Party Pilipinas Ssshhh

It is Sunday once again and as always on every Sunday, I would wait  for Down To Mars in Party Pilipinas. 

Down To Mars was  not in the opening in today's PP Ssshhh episode but was part of Sexy Sayaw Pilipinas,

Here is the that segement of Down To Mars in Sexy Sayaw Pilipinas with Kris Bernal, Mark Herras, Enzo, Sef, Rocco, Julian Trono, Mayton, Yassi, Diva and Wynwyn.

After blowing us away with 'I Miss You' in Party Pilipinas Lucky Lucky two weeks ago, this Sunday, Jay-R,  Kris Lawrence and Down To Mars  electrified us in the segment Rhythm N Boys by singing  another Boys II Men  song.  This time they did their own rendition of  'I'll Make Love To You'.

Check out this video below of Jay-R, Kris L and Down To Mars.

Nice pitch, blending and strong vocals from Rhythm N Boys.  And Down To Mars is looking good and dashing in their attire despite the lack of sleep. As they have tweeted, they have not had enough sleep (or no sleep at all) for three days. 

With every performance of Down To Mars, I always have this feeling of wanting to hear them sing more.  It is my strong wish that one day Party Pilipinas will give them a solo stage wherein they can really showcase their talent in singing and dancing. Again, crossing my fingers and toes.

Oh yeah, I am glad that Down To Mars stayed a bit on stage while Jay-R was being greeted on because of his birthday.   Could see Yheen, Kenji, Jang and Jeongwon (hee, me to shallow, yeah? ^^)

Btw, thanks to Party Pilipinas for playing 'Oh Oh Here We Are' everytime (before and after) they go on commercial breaks and during the contest towards the end of the show (but really I wish they will not continue to do that contest.  It is sooooo off).   It is nice hearing Down To Mars' song being played on the show.  I am sure it is not only me who is proud of it but as well as their supporters and even the members. 

Alright, this week is almost over.  Which means for many of us it is back to work or school tomorrow. But for Down To Mars it is time for them to have a short break.  I hope members will take the opportunity to rest well, catch up with sleep and whatever personal  things they have to do.

Thank you again Down To Mars for another good week of good laugh on Twitter, for giving your fans in Vigan and Abra  fun filled experience and for giving us another well done performance in Party Pilipinas.  Until next time.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

[Vid] Down To Mars w/ Tim Yap in Party Pilipinas Sa Yo 'To

I have finally finished uploading Down To Mars performance with Tim Yap from last Sunday's Party Pilipinas Sa Yo 'To

Since last night, I have been uploading on YouTube their performance, but everytime I am halfway, YouTube keeps on rejecting my file (6 times).  I am assuming that the server has traced the song which is copyrighted.

So, because YT keeps of rejecting my file, I decided to use Vimeo instead.  

Without much ado, here is Down To Mars stage in Party Pilipinas Sa Yo 'To with Tim Yap.

Note :  Wait for the video to finish uploading before watching for better appreciation.  Also, sorry for the poor quality.  The original size of the vid is very small so once it is enlarge the quality suffers.

Song : BORUTESU FAIBU no Uta (opening theme song of Voltes V)
Composed by KOBAYASHI Asei
Original Sang by : HORIE Mitsuko & Koorogi

Cute stage from Down To Mars, right?

Their dance steps for this number were very simple.  But the voice of the members is certainly something to take notice especially Jeongwon whose high pitched voice can very well be heard in the audio. The other members volume of singing is a sign of enthusiasm while performing a very popular anime song many years ago.

Another nice stage Down To Mars!

P.S. Successfully uploaded in YouTube the video but in poor quality. Will try to make improve it. For the meantime, here the link for those who can't play Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

[MV] Down To Mars 'Oh Oh Here We Are' + Vid Recording w/ Fans

The music video is finally out after we have seen Down To Mars perform 'Oh Oh Here We Are' on TV last January 1 in GMA New Year Countdown.

Shoving here the second music video of Down To Mars lifted from downto mars official YouTube channel.  Like the video if you may please.

I am pretty sure you  have seen this when Down To Mars uploaded the video on YouTube last night.  But this blog will not be complete if I do not blog about this and spread the link

Surely, I also waited for the release last night and have played it in TubeReplay until I went to bed for 80 times.  Today, I also did the same and played it more than 150 times. Crazy?  Nah, I have a reason for doing it. ^^

Anyway,  this video was filmed by Down To Mars on the 4th of January in two different locations. And I have here a short video of Down To Mars members Jeongwon, Daisuke and Jang dancing 'ohoh dance craze' with their fans in front of GMA while they were filming.

Thanks to Ayene for the video.

Btw, last night when the video was released this hash tag #OhOhDanceCrazeMusicVideo was trending in the Philippines.

Before I end this post, let me share here with you what I tweeted on #OhOhDanceCrazeMusicVideo hash tag ^_^
of all the members @DTM_kiro_rivera is the best in wife-beater (sleeveless) (●´∀`)ノ♡ panalo ang arms #OhOhDanceCrazeMusicVideo

@DTM_Jeongwon dances 'ohoh dance craze' d best ♪ヘ(^0^ヘ)♪ it's probably d legs, tush & facial expression...cute! #OhOhDanceCrazeMusicVideo

this boy next door (・O・)σ @DTM_daisuke is love by the camera. u look tall&good. few muscles na lang #OhOhDanceCrazeMusicVideo

♪(〃⌒▽⌒)八(〃⌒▽⌒〃)八(⌒▽⌒〃)♪ @DTM_LillboyJANG alright you look behave without the 2 ladies. #OhOhDanceCrazeMusicVideo

bedimpled @DTM_BossYheen nice shot starting 0:45 mark. cute set of deep dimples. (○^ω^○) #OhOhDanceCrazeMusicVideo

@kenjichuaDTM I thought you are going to take off your shirt in 0:41 mark. ^_^ na fake mo kami. ^^ #OhOhDanceCrazeMusicVideo


I got an a call and email from a friend and told me that  GMA Pinoy TV tweeted and posted on their FB fanpage the MV of Down To Mars.

Much much thanks to someone for exerting the effort in making this happen. When Jang asked her to help her spread the link, this is what she did. Heaps of thanks again!

GMA Pinoy TV is the flagship international channel of the leading network in the Philippines,  GMAGMA Pinoy TV provides the best in Filipino entertainment and news that keeps viewers one in heart with the rest of Filipinos around the world.

If you have FB account please like GMA Pinoy TV as well as the Down To Mars post in their fanpage.  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Down To Mars for iCool Chewy

Oh yeah, late post.  Hee, have to get good vid for this post (original is very good but whenever uploaded in YT the quality suffers) . ^_^

The first TV ad of Down To Mars,. iCool Chewy was released last Friday, January 18.  It was first aired in Unang Hirit and after which the ad was placed by Columbia in major TV stations nationwide.

For better appreciation,the company that gave the opportunity for Down To Mars to have their very first TV endorsement is known for providing the Filipinos with top candies and confectionery.

Columbia International Food Products, Inc. was established in 1937 and has become known for providing delectable sweets apt to the Filipino palate. For the past decades in the business, the company has been recognized as one of the top candy and confectionery manufacturer and was included in the Top 1000 Corporations in the country. At present, the company continues to create new products to lift Filipino standards to global levels. (lifted from Columbia website)

Having known this, is it wonderful to know that Columbia entrusted this cool product to Down To Mars to endorse?

I have uploaded in my YouTube channel the first endorsement of Down To Mars.  Check it out.

The video is better viewed in 480p quality for your enjoyment.

Now that you have seen it here and countless of times on television, I really do hope that supporters of Down To Mars will not only love the TV ad but as well as the product. Yes, they are the endorser but for Down To Mars to be a very effective endorser the product has to be salable.

So grab a pack at the nearest supermarket or store near you.  iCool Chewy is available in 3 flavors... menthol, spearmint and peppermint.

Remember, don't just love the product and give praises to Down To Mars but support the product that they are endorsing as well.

Btw, when the ad was shown on national TV last Friday, I did not get to see any until Saturday afternoon in Eat Bulaga.  But, did you know that I already bought  4 packs of iCool Chewy Spearmint (the only available flavor)  the morning of Friday?  Oh yes! ^_^

Monday, January 21, 2013

[Studio Vids] Down To Mars Opening & Voltes V Prod 01.21.2013

Sharing with everyone here videos taken by Ayene from yesterday's production performance of Down To Mars in Party Pilipinas Sa Yo 'To.

Pardon us for the shaky videos, it was difficult to take the video from our area as there are prod peeps right in front of us.

I hope you will enjoy these videos especially the second one since the one I shared HERE does not have the audio.

Later I will upload a better quality video of yesterday's performance.

For better viewing, kindly set the quality of the videos to 720pHD (highly recommended for those with fast connection).

Opening number, Down To Mars part only.

Production number of Down To Mars with Tim Yap.

Really sorry for the shaky vid.  It does not give justice to the cute performance as well as the voice of Down To Mars.  Will do my best to share good quality video later for everyone.

Much thanks to Ayene once again for helping me out on this one.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Down To Mars in Party Pilipinas Sa Yo 'To

This Sunday, I had a chance to be in Party Pilipinas.  Thanks to Ayene for making it happen.  It was a sudden decision last night while I was in the middle of MOA grounds. ^_^

I like almost all the production numbers in Party Pilipinas Sa Yo 'To today.  The costumes are nice especially during the opening number.  The choice of songs, props and of course the performance of the artists. 

There were quite a lot of production numbers that wowed me today, but to be honest, I need to watch the show again to remember them all.  For now all I can only remember is Down To Mars. And since this is a blog about Down To Mars, I will only be writing about them.  *blush*

For their first production number, you may check them starting at 4:40.

Change vid quality to 360p for better viewing quality.

Sharing you here photos I took during this short production number of  Down To Mars.

Now comes the performance of Down To Mars with the birthday celebrant Tim Yap. Down To Mars sang and danced the theme song of Voltes V. It was a cute production number. Sad though that the uploader of the video muted this clip as it contains copyrighted audio track. I will do my best to upload  the video later with audio using another streaming site.

The song sang by Down To Mars is BORUTESU FAIBU no Uta opening theme song of Voltes V composed by KOBAYASHI Asei and sang by HORIE Mitsuko & Koorogi.

You may start at 5:09 mark. 

Following are photos that I again took during their performance. I wish that I am in a better area to take the photos. I just love hitting the shutter. Hee, I am a shutterbug that whenever I start hitting the shutter it's non stop and that I forget to watch their performance. ^^

Below are photos after the production number.

Yee, sorry for the pix spazzzz. Hope that you like them.

Last clip is the all-star. Fast forward to 4:42 mark.

Again, heaps of thanks to kapusong totoo for the video upload.

I will try to edit the videos we've taken earlier and share with you. I wish I still can do it. ^^

It was very nice seeing Down To Mars performing live in Party Pilipinas. I had fun taking photos of them. But I also wish that I concentrated more in watching them perform. ^^

Anyway, with that, thanks again Down To Mars! Also for the time.

Btw, when I saw Down To Mars members after the show, it's very obvious that they are all so tired but still  have those pretty smile on their face. Thank you!

I hope that you guys will all get to rest tonight.