Wednesday, January 23, 2013

[MV] Down To Mars 'Oh Oh Here We Are' + Vid Recording w/ Fans

The music video is finally out after we have seen Down To Mars perform 'Oh Oh Here We Are' on TV last January 1 in GMA New Year Countdown.

Shoving here the second music video of Down To Mars lifted from downto mars official YouTube channel.  Like the video if you may please.

I am pretty sure you  have seen this when Down To Mars uploaded the video on YouTube last night.  But this blog will not be complete if I do not blog about this and spread the link

Surely, I also waited for the release last night and have played it in TubeReplay until I went to bed for 80 times.  Today, I also did the same and played it more than 150 times. Crazy?  Nah, I have a reason for doing it. ^^

Anyway,  this video was filmed by Down To Mars on the 4th of January in two different locations. And I have here a short video of Down To Mars members Jeongwon, Daisuke and Jang dancing 'ohoh dance craze' with their fans in front of GMA while they were filming.

Thanks to Ayene for the video.

Btw, last night when the video was released this hash tag #OhOhDanceCrazeMusicVideo was trending in the Philippines.

Before I end this post, let me share here with you what I tweeted on #OhOhDanceCrazeMusicVideo hash tag ^_^
of all the members @DTM_kiro_rivera is the best in wife-beater (sleeveless) (●´∀`)ノ♡ panalo ang arms #OhOhDanceCrazeMusicVideo

@DTM_Jeongwon dances 'ohoh dance craze' d best ♪ヘ(^0^ヘ)♪ it's probably d legs, tush & facial expression...cute! #OhOhDanceCrazeMusicVideo

this boy next door (・O・)σ @DTM_daisuke is love by the camera. u look tall&good. few muscles na lang #OhOhDanceCrazeMusicVideo

♪(〃⌒▽⌒)八(〃⌒▽⌒〃)八(⌒▽⌒〃)♪ @DTM_LillboyJANG alright you look behave without the 2 ladies. #OhOhDanceCrazeMusicVideo

bedimpled @DTM_BossYheen nice shot starting 0:45 mark. cute set of deep dimples. (○^ω^○) #OhOhDanceCrazeMusicVideo

@kenjichuaDTM I thought you are going to take off your shirt in 0:41 mark. ^_^ na fake mo kami. ^^ #OhOhDanceCrazeMusicVideo


I got an a call and email from a friend and told me that  GMA Pinoy TV tweeted and posted on their FB fanpage the MV of Down To Mars.

Much much thanks to someone for exerting the effort in making this happen. When Jang asked her to help her spread the link, this is what she did. Heaps of thanks again!

GMA Pinoy TV is the flagship international channel of the leading network in the Philippines,  GMAGMA Pinoy TV provides the best in Filipino entertainment and news that keeps viewers one in heart with the rest of Filipinos around the world.

If you have FB account please like GMA Pinoy TV as well as the Down To Mars post in their fanpage.  


  1. Nice song from DTM. Daisuke and Jeongwon for me are the best in dancing oh oh.