Thursday, January 10, 2013

Down To Mars in GMA News TV iJuander

Last week, Down To Mars recorded their guesting in last night's episode of GMA News TV iJuander hosted by Susan Enriquez and Cesar Apolinario.

In last night's episode, the show's topic is about how one's new year's resolution will be fulfilled.

In the case of Down To Mars, as they have all confessed being addicted to game playing,  they want to stop   (or shall we say they want to moderate? ^^) playing Defense of the Ancient or DOTA.

To fight against this 'bad habit' of being addicted to the game, the group instead is putting their time rehearsing their craft.   To show how they do it, Down To Mars showed in the show their latest dance craze called 'ohoh dance craze' using their own song 'Oh, Oh Here We Are'.

Here is the cut of Down To Mars' segment in iJuander. This video is more than  two minutes long. Check it out.

Set the vid to 480p for better quality.

The segment is quite short, right? Hee, and I am sure you've seen the error in tagging Daisuke and Yheen. And the wrong spelling in Jeongwon's name. ^^  How I wish it's longer and that the other members were given a chance to talk.  Anyway, it's better that not seeing them being featured, right?

Thanks to iJuander for having Down To Mars in their show.

Btw, their guesting in the show, made the hashtag #DownToMarsOniJuander in the Twitter  trending list last night.  See how collective effort can do?  For so long there is determination and unity, it can happen, right.

With this, let me inject that I always believe that  'free promotional activities' done by fans is a very effective way to let their idol/s be known. With the use of internet, rapid distribution of information about Down To Mars would be the best to promote the group.  To be honest, free promotional activities by fans  made me a fan of the fans of my Kpop idols. And this brought me to blogging not only about Down To Mars but as well as KPop (been blogging about KPop for  years now prior to blogging about K actors that I like).

Alright, now let me segue to this  ^_^  (can't think how to end this post)...

If you like the 'Oh, Oh Here We Are',  grab a copy of Down To Mars self titled album 'DOWN TO MARS' under PolyEast in record bar nearest you. For me, listening to it is worth every peso I spent in buying the CD.

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