Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013 Down To Mars!

When I really started knowing Down To Mars sometime middle of this year (though I already have an idea about them in 2011), I honestly had no idea what I was getting into though I had  big idea how it is being a fangirl because I am one myself.  I have been in KPop  for many years now.  Prior to that I was into JPop and ChPop as well.^^

Nothing really prepared me getting drawn to Down To Mars and I cannot simply disregard them halfway when I see them weekly performing in Party Pilipinas and have already met them.

The seven group member with interracial roots but all blended with Filipino blood, Jang, Jeongwon, Kenji, Yheen, Daisuke, Kiro and Sky, collectively know as Down To Mars, quickly won my interest as they showed great talent in writing their own music, singing and dancing.

Just as simply as that, Down To Mars got me hook, line and sinker. Here is another group that I have created a blog (I've other blogs for my other idols as well ^_^ hee, just love documenting my thoughts) in which I could spare few of my hours to write and quite knowing that it will be worth it.

Now, with 2012 about to finish in a few hours, let me just share in this post few my thoughts and wishes for Down To Mars

2012 is a breakthrough for Down To Mars. They had their first self titled album, they traveled to Korea to represent the Philippines, they were able  to land in some endorsement deals and quite a lot more graces came in their way. Despite all the blessing, the group also experienced a lot of  trials and hardships of getting recognized. But these did not stop them.  Down To Mars faced these difficulties by showing endurance, sincerity, dedication, humility and patience. And slowly but surely they are getting their name in the local industry known.  

In 2013 I believe it will be a much bigger year for Down To Mars.  Soon, we will see their very first TV ad, their billboard, new dance craze, hopefully their new album and concert.  I am crossing my fingers and toes, that the group will be able to travel abroad to be able to show to the world their talent.

With this, I wish that as they reach for the skies, the members will keep their feet firmly planted on the ground.  Likewise, I wish that they will remember that they are always two steps ahead of those who talk behind their back.

ALL the BEST in 2013, Down To Mars!  Cheers!

Btw, to those reading this, care to share what your wish for Down To Mars in 2013?

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Just Sharing Some Reasons Why Fans Like Down To Mars

Just before Christmas I promised that I will give out CDs to the first two fans who would email in this post HERE.  On top of them emailing me, I also, I asked them to give me seven reasons why they like Down To Mars.

I actually received several emails and I had fun reading the reasons why they like Down To Mars. Thank you very much for responding.  But  I am really sorry for the others because as I mentioned in my earlier blog,  I only have two signed CDs left.  The two who responded already received their signed CD this week.  

For the first two who sent their email, I am sharing here their seven reasons why they like Down To Mars. Since they are silent fans they choose not to reveal their Twitter names, hence will only be using Anonymous #1 and Anonymous #2.

According to Anonymous#1, she likes Down To Mars because...
  1. Live singing
  2. Members are educated and well breed
  3. Nice to Marsians
  4. Write their own songs
  5. Solid
  6. Funny, handsome and cute
  7. First inter-pop group from the Philippines
Anonymous #2 wrote...
  1. Jeongwon I love his angelic voice
  2. Jang sings well and seems to not afraid to face his detractors
  3. Kenji's smile melts me
  4. Yheen smoldering look and style
  5. Daisuke his boy next door image and funny in Twitter
  6. Kiro muscle body is to die for
  7. Sky charming
Hmm, I quite agree in everything Anonymous 1 and 2 said. But I like the smoldering Yheen and boy next door Daisuke. When it comes to their singing voice, there is no doubt that Jeongwon and Jang can belt it out. Adorable, handsome and cute? Hey, that's already given if you are a Down To Mars fans, right?

Btw, I bawled out at Daisuke's description that he is funny in Twitter because he really is funny and always gives me a big smile whenever he makes witty replies/remarks to the other members.  Also, he is sooooo fond of food.  I have not told this to Daisuke yet (because never had a chance to), but I promise to give him baked macaroni if and when I will have a chance to see him next time. ^^

From the emails that I received, I have also read the following.  Pardon me for adding my own remarks.  Hee, I cannot help but add a little something to the adjectives. ^^

From Anonymous #3, she wrote...
  1. Talented (crazee_lizzy: would I be blogging about them if i don't believe in their talent?)
  2. Gwapo (crazee_lizzy:  I've already sounded like a broken record telling/writing this)
  3. Matatangkad (crazee_lizzy: I feel so small without my heels on the last time I saw them)
  4. Sexy (crazee_lizzy: hmm sexy? smexy? anyway, specially like those with nice legs and tush) 
  5. Nice and friendly (crazee_lizzy: agree!)
  6. May bonding (crazee_lizzy:  I guess so yes)
  7. Mahal ko sila ^^ (crazee_lizzy:  oh yeah i like them much)
The others I received almost have the same reasons and will just share here some that are funny and and cute:
  • Lahat sila parang mababango (crazee_lizzy : ^__^)
  • I like K-pop and I did not find them wannabe kaya nagustohan ko sila.
  • nakakakilig sila to the max!!!
  • Jeongwon's sexy stare nakakakilig >< (crazee_lizzy :  she noticed too that Jeongwon has a sexy stare! )
  • I like Jang's bunny front teeth (crazee_lizzy : cute Jang's bunny teeth)
  • bad boy image of Yheen! (crazee_lizzy : even when in wacky pose)
  • Kiro mukhang di makabasag pinggan... hehehehe (crazee_lizzy :  hee Kiro really does look shy)
The following are from fans I have sent CDs earlier (not from my previous post).  I asked them a favor to email me why they like Down To Mars.

First is from @B2STlyBOYFRIEND whom I got permission to use her Twitter name:
  1. They are friendly
  2. Like their name 'Down To Mars', because they are down to earth.
  3. They do not ignore fans.
  4. Hindi pumapatol sa nang-aaway sa kanila (crazee_lizzy:  This is supposedly the right attitude.  They've to set a good example to their fans. Also, I believe that haters should be respected because they are the ones who think that DTM is better than them)
  5. Not arrogant
  6. Very handsome and may sense of style
  7. Their music is very pleasing. 
Next is @ilovedot3 who got her signed  CD  by tweeting me sometime early this month.  According to her she likes Down To Mars for the following reasons:
  1. Narinig ko song nila na 'Nandito Lang Ako' sa Smile Donghae 
  2. Search ko sa internet at na discover ko si Jeongwon
  3. Napapanood ko na sila sa Party Pilipinas at na impress ako sobra every time na nakikita ko sila
  4. Bias ko si Jeongwon.  Sexy siya and ganda ng voice.
  5. Jang is very very nice to fans at guwapo din
  6. Maganda ang blending ng voice ng Down To Mars
  7. Kenji, Kiro, Yheen, Daisuke and Sky super like ko rin. DOWN TO MARS sobrang like ko!
Nice read, right?  It's so good to hear from fans why they like Down To Mars.  I hope those reading this will add more in the comment box. I am sure Down To Mars members would be happy to read why you like them.

To end this post, let me now share the reasons why I like Down To Mars.
  1. I am a self confessed K-Pop fan and I follow the idols i like  and give them my support.  Now, I am a self confessed Down To Mars follower because I believe in their talent.
  2. As everyone said, they are handsome to which I agree.  But being handsome (cute, pretty boy whatever you call it) is not everything, I am drawn to their being cordial, nice and friendly.
  3. I find them smexy.  Smart and sexy especially those who I usual talk to.  
  4.  They're funny, charismatic and sweet in person. 
  5. I find them hardworking, dedicated, passionate and ambitious.
  6. I find the other members intriguing as they have 'sariling mundo' (i am not the only one who noticed this ^^)
  7. I find them challenging/fascinating.  I guess this is  a personal test for myself since they're the first local group that I like. 
That's all folks. 'til my next post again. ^_^

C'mon please do not  be ashamed to share why you like Down To Mars especially if it is something that has not been shared from the lists above.  It's going to be fun to read why.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Down To Mars!

It seems like I am still in Santa's list and Christmas came too early for me last Tuesday. 

For the second time in more than a month, I met Jeongwon, Jang, Kenji, Daisuke, Yheen, Kiro and Sky.

Meeting Down To Mars last Tuesday night was unplanned.  It just so happened that my schedule was adjusted in which I did not let go of the opportunity to see Down To Mars otherwise, there will be no other chance.

Seeing them again, I feel more relax though still a bit shy.  I managed to talked to all especially to Jeongwon and Jang but was particularly happy about  Daisuke and Yheen because I was able to get a little convo with them as well.  Well, SkyKenji and Kiro  I did manage to talk to them as well but not as much as the rest.  But among the members,  I think that Kiro is really shy and is the type of person who would not start a convo with anyone unless you start.

But hey, these guys I think are just the sweetest and could just really make any lady's knees turn into a Jell-O.  No wonder fans get giddy with them whenever there is a meet up every after Party Pilipinas.  

With that, let me segue to the live recording.

The segment in which Down To Mars started recording for the Rhythm N Boys segment I think already started past 10PM.  Before that when I was talking to Yheen and Daisuke on our way back to the studio, I asked if their fans are still inside the studio and they said yes.  I was amazed with the patience and dedication of their fans.  I believe they were at the studio early to give their support not knowing what time their idols will start recording.

As we went to watch the recording, true enough Marsians are still around.  They're now seated at the left side (facing the stage).

Before Down To Mars went on stage, I witnessed how they interacted with their fans.  It was an endearing scene for me, because I have been a fangirl myself especially whenever I go to Seoul and watch the recording of my favorite idols in Inkigayo, Music Bank, Music Core and M Countdown. Just like here, we go to the studio without any idea what time the recording will start.  All tiredness will only be gone once we see our idols on stage and they would interact with us by giving extra fan service such as talking to the fans through the microphone or giving cute expressions. The only difference is that, here, idols can really mingle with the fans. There is no manager or bodyguards that would stop them from going near their fans.

Just as I mentioned earlier, when Down to Mars came to the studio, they met their fans below the stage and had an interaction with them before finally getting on stage. The fan service they did surely made all those who stayed happy and giddy.  I think that they've just given them the energy to loudly cheer for them.

On stage, their fan service did not end as I frequently see Jeongwon, talking to fans and giving extra fan service.  Really so adorable and I like it much.  The kind of manner that your idol give you only goes to say the he is concerned and very much appreciates the kind of support that you give.

Btw, before the Rhythm N Boys recording, I've asked several times how their fans are since they've been in GMA much earlier and all of them are very much concerned about them and very much grateful for staying late. With that, I know that their big hearts go to each of the their fans.

As I witnessed the support and dedication of their fans and Down To Mars concern to their Marsians as well as Down To Mars has given me so much fun and excitement since I decided to come out and declare that I like them (yeah coming out in the open ^^) , I decided to instead give the two signed cds of Down To Mars to the FIRST TWO FANS (better if they do not still have signed cd of DTM) who will email me at  and tell me SEVEN REASONS why they like Down To Mars.

Oh, the 2 cds which I have are actually to be sent to friends abroad but I will just deferred and send them their copy when I got another chance with Down To Mars.

I am doing this because I am just too happy and just want to share the luck that I have because I have seen and talked all Down To Mars members. Yeah, call me shallow (I am really one anyway ^_^) but I am a Scorpion and cannot help but have a strong passion about everything especially those that makes me happy.

Oh geez, this post is supposed to be just a Christmas greeting for Down To Mars but I ended up writing  quite a long post again.  But what did I just say, I am happy ^_^ and who wouldn't when you get to meet these guys in person whose cuteness and charms as well as their talent are just some of the things that make them so adorable. ^_^

Now let me write this...

Dear Santa,

I wonder what I have done to get lucky this Christmas.  What have I done to deserve all these.  Sa lagay na eto I am still in your list.  Thanks much for the wonderful pressies of meeting and interacting with them.  


Following are photos taken after the recording of Party Pilipinas WISH.  We waited for them since I have to get the cds that I asked them to sign in which I am giving out in this post.

The cap that Yheen is wearing was designed by himself. 
It's really nicely designed.  This guy has really a talent in designing accessories.
Thanks for telling us about your design project. 
Good luck!

I just realized that I did not have a solo photo of Daisuke.  ^_^

Glad that Sky is already doing well. Better take care of yourself, Sky.

Oh this lad is just so cute.  I like some of his 'hirit' over at Twitter.
And, I just have to laugh whenever I remember him going back
to the dressing room sweating.  He said that he just ate. Cute Dais!

Geez, I kind of look like such a fan girl with Down To Mars album in hand (blush).

Wacky one in which I told them that even if they look foolish they still all are looking good.

Looking at the whacky photo again, I just cannot help but laugh out loud when I remember how Daisuke look like when he showed me another whacky face. ^_^ lol!

On our way down, I had a chance to have another photo with Jeongwon.  Hee, thanks to my friend for suggesting it.  Love it!

Outside the studio Down To Mars headed to their fans waiting for them (it's almost 11PM if I am not mistaken).  They have a mini meet and greet in which I am certain will make everyone who waited for them very happy.  Hee, I remember what Jeongwon promised that he will give a hug.  Did he?  With that, we left them surrounded by their loving fans.

Inside my car, I cannot help but tell my friend that the nice scents of Down To Mars is lingering.  Hee, until Starbucks to home, I still can smell them.  ^_^ Nice!

It's Christmas eve now and with that, I wish Down To Mars a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.  Have a great holidays with your love ones. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Down To Mars in Party Pilipinas WISH

Yesterday, I blogged HERE about Down To Mars In Their Relax Mode. The photos that I have shared there were taken just before they did the taping for today's Party Pilipnas WISH.

Now, I am going to share in this post, photos that I have taken of Down to Mars in GMA before, during and after the taping.

Here are just teaser photos that I took from the taping.

Oh yes, I decided to drop by on Tuesday night after the meeting ended sooner that I expected. So right after the year-end toast, I hurriedly left the venue then went off to GMA.

The  taping had already started when we arrived. At first I was reluctant to go inside the studio to watch, but due to my friend's insistent, I gave in. As we were walking at the backstage, I was surprised to see Jeongwon, Daisuke and Kiro all looking tall and handsome in get up.

Jeongwon was the first one to greet us and I am glad that he remembered me. After the usual greeting, he mentioned that they're just taping the opening and that the other members are at the other side.

In my blog, I may talk much but whenever I see Down To Mars I cannot hardly think and open my lips to say anything. ^_^ So, it was Jeongwon and my friend who were talking a lot. All I remember saying was, we left some things in their dressing room. Ha! I guess I was a bit starstruck seeing them once again. (blush)

After the short greeting and short convo, as they are taping, we left them at the backstage and proceeded at the studio to check a bit.

Saw almost all the stars on stage but my eyes of course were only on Down to Mars who were standing at the elevated stage. ^_^ While we were there with the audience @WeAreDownToMars tweeted asking where I am. I guess the members whom we saw already told them that I was there.

We stayed for a while but I did not get photos of the members (which I should have). When we decided to leave, we saw again Jeongwon, Daisuke and Kiro where we saw them the first time waiting for their turn again to go up on stage.

Jeongwon mentioned that Rhythm N Boys will be taping shortly and ask if we would watch. Honestly, since things were all unplanned that night, I told my friend that I want to see them on stage.

But before their Rhythm N Boys' taping, Down To Mars has to make a recording for The 3rd Wave. We also can watch but I decided not to anymore since my friend might be hungry and has to finish some things at work. So bid them goodbye for a while hoping to see them again for their Rhythm N Boys perf.

When we were about to go out, my friend suggested that we check the other side of the stage. There I saw, Jang, Kenji, Yhee and Sky. Jang recognized us first, gave his usual greeting and followed by the other. Just like when I met the other members on the other side, I again lost my tongue for a while. But shortly after, was able to make small convo with each member though.

We left the studio and returned about more than an hour or so. Saw Jeongwon then Jang again and said that practice for the opening was over but they're still waiting for their turn for Rhythm N Boys and will be recording in between for The 3rd Wave.With that, I told my friend that we just go for a drive, look for a place for her to eat then return again.

We went to Army Navy for some light snacks when I remembered that I forgot to mention to Down To Mars that I have another set of CDs for them to sign. There were supposed to be 5 CDs, but only left with 2 since the other 3 were sent to fans who asked for a copy even without their signature.

We then went back to GMA. On our way to the other building, someone from behind were talking and we saw Daisuke and Yheen heading back to the studio. According to them they just finished recording for The 3rd Wave and the others will be back soon. That was already around 10PM and I told them that they must be tired since they have been up since morning for this taping. I asked them about their fans and I was told that they're still around and waiting for them. Amazing!

As we arrived the studio, they're now being called for the recording, but since the others were not there because of The 3rd Wave, they've to wait again for a few minutes for their turn.

Members came back from The 3rd Wave recording, but since they've to wait for their turn, some were at the dressing room and other were somewhere very near.

We chanced upon Jang and Jeongwon at the dressing room and told them about the CDs that I am requesting again to be signed.  We were asked to wait inside the room.

Inside , I had the chance to talk to them and took this opportunity to bring out my camera and requested if I can take photos of them. Also, heard both of them rehearsing for their  song number at the   Rhythm N Boys' segment.

Listening to Jang and Jeongwon, who were just a few steps away where I was seated, gave me goosebumps because they are really good.  And if you listen thoroughly  to the lyrics of 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' it is so heartwarming and you will be moved.  I wish that their practice will not end but it has to.  Sigh... I just love that moment.

Here are photos I took of them.

Though Jang is smiling, I sensed that he is already tired especially when I look into his yes. 

Jeongwon on the other hand, though still not feeling 100% well is looking happy and really handsome.  Hee, and I had to ask him to pose for my cam several times because he looks so white in in the first two photos probably because of the lighting in the room.

After taking their solos, I asked them that I want to take a photo of them both. They are just so cute in these photos. 

Then after which, my friend said that she will take a photo of me with each of them. First was with Jang

Then with Jeongwon which I had to laugh because he sprayed on perfume before doing the shoot which according to him so he will be smelling good in photos. Ha ha!

Daisuke came in then but I didn't have the chance to talk to him anymore because he was busy drying himself then they were already being called for the taping (finally!).

We all then went down to the studio.  My friend and I settled in front.

I have actually been wanting to share these but did not do so because I do not want to pre-empt the show.  Now that you've seen Party Pilipinas WISH, here are photos taken at the recording.  I have a lot, but only chosen a few to share.  Hope you will enjoy them.

First set is the rehearsal.

The following is the preparation for the actually taping.

Check this series of shoots and keep your eyes on Jeongwon as he gives Marsians a cute heart.

Cute, right?

For the actual taping, the members were asked to spread their legs.  I always love this formation of them.

Actual recording started with a surprise video from Ms. Geleen Eugenio. See the reactions of the members.

And from the other side, where Jang, Kiro, Daisuke and Yheen are.

On with the recording.

Now, here is the audio of Down To Mars' short version of 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas'. This was recording during live performance.  Sorry for the quality of the recording it did not give justice to DTM's singing. But we all know that they did well when you heard them on TV earlier.

Down To Mars did a wonderful short rendition of 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas'.  Though ended late, I had fun waiting for them and of course watching and listening to them as they performed live. 

There are still so much to blog about but I think this post is already long. I have another post later and will share other great stories meeting them again and from  the recording. 

Meanwhile, I will be sharing the link on YouTube later, when I come back right after doing some last minute shopping. ^_^

Again, thank you to Down To Mars for the wonderful time meeting you again.  It's my first time to watch in the studio and sort of liking it because I am able to get some really good photos.

Seeing DTM after this might take a long time again so will keep the memory until the next time.

P.S.  Shoving here videos that I lifted from YouTube.

First vid is the opening.  You can fast forward to 4:43 to check Down To Mars.

Next is Rhythm N Boys segment in which Down To Mars starts at 0:22 mark.