Wednesday, February 27, 2013

[Article] P-Pop Boy Group Down To Mars Chosen As Newest Philippine Red Cross Ambassadors

I am shoving this article that I gladly found posted on Showbiz Portal yesterday for my international blog visitors. I know that I have some blog visitors from Downunder as well.  So if you happen to read this, Philippine Red Cross has a plan of bringing Down To Mars to your country.So check them out.

Again, my congratulations to the members of Down To Mars for this achievement and to Ms. Geleen Eugenio as well for having this talented and role model lads that the youth can look up to.

[Article] P-Pop Boy Group Down To Mars Chosen As Newest Philippine Red Cross Ambassadors
Courtesy of Pinoy Showbiz  by Admin

THE P-Pop boy group Down to Mars is flattered to be chosen as the newest Philippine Red Cross Ambassadors by PRC Pres. Richard Gordon.

Photo lifted from Down to Mars Facebook FanPage
From Left to Right : Jang, Jeongwon, Daisuke, Kiro, Yheen & Kenji

“I saw them perform as volunteers at the 100 Million Volunteer Run on Feb. 12 and I was impressed by the crowd’s overwhelming reception to them,” says Dick Gordon. “Unlike other carefree youngsters, I admire them for having a cause and their spirit of volunteerism to be part of PRC. They’re good role models to the youth in our very challenging world today. We will help promote each other’s activities. I plan to bring them to a convention in Australia where there will be 10,000 representatives from all over the world. I want them to perform there. I see great things ahead for these young people who all have wholesome personalities.”

What can Down to Mars say about this? “We’re so honored to be ambassadors of the PRC,” they say. “It’s really been our dream na makatulong sa kapwa nang walang hinihintay na kapalit. Kahit galing iba-ibang nasyon kami na may Chinese, Japanese at Korean blood, pero deep within our hearts, lahat kami, mga Pilipino. We’re even excited to donate our blood for the Red Cross.”

“The Red Cross is not just for blood donation,” adds Dick Gordon. “It’s a full service organization. We can also train them to do first AID and CPR, and even help out during disaster relief operations.”

As a boyband, Down To Mars is alone in the Interpop music group brand, which it earned by virtue of the fact that its members have interracial roots. Created and managed by Geleen Eugenio, Down To Mars is gaining grounds in the local music scene on a fast mode. Their self-titled debut album is a hit, with their song "Nandito Lang Ako" used as a theme song for the GMA-7 Koreanovela “Smile Dong Hae”. Distributed by Polyeast Records, the album boasts tracks such as the lead single “My Everything", “Oh! Oh! Here We Are," “Fly"and Fool’s Paradise."

In their Facebook page, they say they call themselves as Down To Mars because "Down" serves as their constant reminder to stay humble while "Mars" means for them a world that is “unique and different." The members are Kenji Chua, Jang Seung Ri, Daisuke Hagihara, Yheen Valero, Kiro Rivera, Sky Young, and Jeongwon Song, regularly seen Sundays in Party Pilipinas. Down To Mars was also picked as celebrity endorser of Chef Noodle, the latest Korean franchise conquering the local food industry.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Down To Mars Appointed as Ambassador of Philippine Red Cross

Today, 25th of February 2013, at  the press conference held at the 17th Floor of GMA Network Bldg., inter-pop group Down To Mars was awarded as the  newest Ambassador of Philippine Red Cross.

Members Daisuke Hagihara, Jang Amparna, Jeongwon Song, Kenji Chua, Kiro Rivera and Yheen Valero received their certificate of appreciation from no less than   Philippine Red Cross (PRC) Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Richard J. Gordon.

Following are photos lifted from the Facebook fanpage of Down To Mars (

Members of Down To Mars with their certificate of appreciation.

Down To Mars together with  Philippine Red Cross (PRC) Chairman 
and Chief Executive Officer Richard J. Gordon Dick Gordon, 
Sec. Gwen Pang, and Ms. Geleen Eugenio.

Being the newest Ambassadors of Philippine Red Cross, members of Down To Mars will be busy spreading the advocacy of Philippine Red Cross ( as well as volunteering in the  humanitarian activities  of the organization.

Below are photos after the event. Thanks to Ayene.

 Down To Mars with their manager, Ms. Geleen Eugenio, 
Daryll Zamora of GMA Artist Center and Carol of GMA International.

Down To Mars members from L to R
Daisuke, Jang, Kenji, Jeongwon, Kiro and Yheen

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Down To Mars in Party Pilipinas Orig

On February 24 episode of Party Pilipinas Orig, good dancing and good news was brought to us by Down To Mars.

Let me start off first with the good dancing.

In today's episode of Party Pilipinas, Down To Mars was in Saway Pilipinas segment with Sef Cadayona. They danced to Legit Misfitz's 'Jabongga' in which Sef choreographed himself.

And the good news is...

After Saway Pilipinas, it was announced by Tim Yap that Down To Mars is the newest Ambassador of Red Cross (Philippines). Members went up on the satellite stage to be congratulated though I wish that the hosts gave them a chance to talk.

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS TO DOWN TO MARS for being the newest Ambassador of Red Cross Philippines! Last year it was Marian Rivera and in 2010 it was Angel Locsin.

Here is the portion of Saway Pilipinas in today's Party Pilipinas. Check out Down To Mars starting at mark 4:19.

It is another one of those performances in which you would ask for more, right?

Tomorrow Down To Mars will be officially appointed as Ambassador of Red Cross Philippines. With this Down To Mars will be busy spreading the advocacy of Red Cross ( as well as volunteering in the  humanitarian activities  of the organization.

And just for our pleasure, here is the closing (all star) of today's Party Pilipinas wherein DTM was also in it. Fast forward to 42:28... and I hear a familiar singing voice.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Down To Mars in Bubble Gang

I guess everyone was caught by surprise when Down To Mars portion in Bubble Gang was finally shown tonight.

Many have been waiting for Down To Mars appearance in Bubble Gang ever since the members announced that they will be on the show sometime in January.  I even remember DTM fans have been preparing for hash tag on Twitter to be used for several Fridays but unfortunately they were not able to do it last night. 

Anyway, in my room TV was set to GMA's  Bubble Gang but I was not watching as I just came out from bathing. Then I heard "Hi, We are Down To Mars" and there I saw Down To Mars with Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill  in their  IYOTube segment.  Hee, and I had to laugh at Roadfill because he does not only look funny but he cannot do DTM's hand sign and he was helped by Jang.

Here is link where you can watch the cute segment of IYOTube with Down To Mars together with Moymoy and Roadfill singing and dancing to 'Oh Oh Here We Are' .  You may fast forward to 1:46 mark to start.

Cute as always, right? Oh yeah makes me miss them much.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Down To Mars in Party Pilipinas R UK

It seems that it's been a long time since the last time I posted here.  Good thing that it is Sunday again and there is something to blog about Down To Mars.

In today's Party Pilipinas R UK Down to Mars was part of the opening.  Oh yeah, It's been a while too that the group has been in the opening and I am glad to see them as they danced to the re-mix of Spice Girls 'Wannabe'.  Though only for less than a minute, it is still an eye candy to see them on stage.

For better appreciation of the video, set view setting to 480p. Sorry for the poor quality will replace with a a good one later.

Alternative vid to watch the performance of Down To Mars is below.  You may fast forward to 2:44 mark.

As always, they never fail to impress me with their snappiness.

Up next is the cut vid from Saway Pilipinas where Down To Mars sing and danced to Flo Rida's 'Good Feeling' which is an original of Etta James according to research.

Significantly longer than their other performances, their stage is kinda cool. We get to hear once again birthday chap Yheen and Kenji's rapping skills.  

The members are all  fashionably looking good in their black and white get up. And I just have to love the close up shots of the cameramen.

Check out today's stage of Down to Mars. You may fast forward to 1:18.

Thanks to kapusongtotoo for the videos above.

While this song is nothing new and there is something in Down To Mars' delivery that makes it special and because I like them much, it gives me a good feeling watching and listening to them over and over. (Argh, miss seeing and talking them!)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Down To Mars in Pusong Party Pilipinas

Honestly, I have never been sooooooooooooooooooo bitin (not enough) in any of the performances of Down To Mars until this episode of Pusong Party Pilipinas.

Alright, I know I have mentioned several times that I wish that there would have been more every time they will be on stage. But today's stage really is so short especially when they are singing one of my favorite songs, 'Nandito Lang Ako'.

Haiz... anyway, here is the video of Rhythm N Boys in today Pusong Party Pilipinas.  RnB starts at 33.11 mark.  Fast forward to  37:27 mark for' Nandito Lang Ako'. 

Jang's portion was well sang and he looks good with his fringe. As for Jeongwong, it seems like there's something wrong with his mic at the beginning but he still was able to pull it off well in the end.  During the portion when everyone is singing, you can very well hear him belting out with the rest. As for the rest of the members, blending and harmony are good.  Btw,  they all look gorgeous in their dark suit.

That's it for Pusong Party Pilipinas.  I hope that next week, Party Pilipinas R UK, we will get to see them in more segments.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

[Fun Art] Guess Who Is This Down To Mars Member

I guess I just have to share these sketches and make a game out of it here. ^^

Well, posting a game on my blog is nothing new to me as I have done this in my other blogs as well. But this is the first time that I am using my drawing for a game.  So, pardon me for it.  I just found myself sketching the members when I was waiting for 7PM to strike earlier.

Highlights of the sketches of the members of Down To Mars below are their hair.  The first thought of  hairstyle of each member  that came to my mind is the peg for each sketch. So to test if i did well, so-so, or poorly, can you guess who is the member on each image?

Much thanks for participating! Click HERE for the correct answers. ^^

P.S. for number 2 and 5 images, I had a hard time with these 2. ^^

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My First Hello To Down To Mars In Chef's Noodle Philippines

I love Korean food and I finally got to taste some of the food in the the restaurant that Down To Mars is endorsing.

Last Friday, I tweeted that I am dreading Monday to come because I have to go to Manila for another meeting.   But after getting an idea from Down To Mars Jeongwon last Friday, I got excited and cannot wait for Monday to come.

Oh yeah, at last I was able to go to Chef's Noodle that is located at University Mall in Taft Avenue, Manila (right beside McDonald's La Salle) immediately after my meeting ended.

Ever since Down To Mars started endorsing Chef's Noodle in November, I have been curious about this  restaurant especially that whenever I see members of Down To Mars they would in passing mention Chef's Noodle

So, I went at the 2nd floor of University Mall.  There in the middle is Chef's Noodle

I went inside and was greeted courteously.  I actually  already have an idea what to order, thanks to the members of Down To Mars, but I still opted to check the menu with  yummylicious photographs of the  food that they offer.

Honestly, I would have wanted to try eating in the restaurant but I am alone. With no other option I ordered some to go and bought enough food for a friend whom I wanted to treat in Chef's Noodle but could not find the time and another friend who is on sickbay.

After checking the menu, I decided to order Chef's Noodle which is their bestseller, JapChae, Bulgogi Leek Pa Jun and Jjampong (not too spicy). I was then given this number.

As I placed my order and pay, the store manager offered me free coffee while I waited to my delight.

While waiting I chose to seat in front of the big panel where in Down To Mars photo is located for me to be able to take photo.

Glad that there is no one yet seated on the table. But as it is already almost 6PM, customers started coming in.  In a few minutes that I waited, there were already students seated on that side of the restaurant.

As customers started to  come in, my to go arrived.

Then off  I went to my friend's office to drop off her dinner  then proceeded to my friend's house who is sick. She actually made a little 'lambing' to visit her to which I gave in. Hee, I just love her doing that to me.  I wanted to give her Chef's Noodle but she insisted that I buy her Jjampong.

Here are photos of my to go.   Except for the Jjampong and another order of Bulgogi Leek Pa Jun that I gave to my sick friend these are the other food to go.  Thanks to my friend for taking the photos.

Chef's Noodle. Very tasty and filling.

JapChae.  Different from the other JapChae we have tasted.

Bulgogi Leek Pa Jun. Another winner for my taste.
(I actually wanted the seafood pajun but it was out of stock)

Free kimchi which I really really love.

Last night's dinner was really filling.  My tummy was really happy.

I would certainly go back again and try ordering the other food on the menu.  Hee, glad that weekly I would be having a meeting in Manila every Thursday.  If my time permits it, I would be dropping by again soon.

Before I end this post, I saw this video and lifted from the YouTube channel of ChefsNoodlePhils. Check it out and drool over the yummylicious food from Chef's Noodle.

To know more about the latest on Chef's Noodle Philippines go and check these links:

Website :
Facebook: /chefsnoodlephils
Twitter : @ChefsNoodlePhil

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Down To Mars Whistle Baby Performance in PP From Saudi With Love

We all know that Yheen and Kenji can do the rap. Jang and Daisuke can also keep up with that genre. As for Jeongwon and Kiro we have to hear them yet.  Remember that they were even teased on Flippish that they cannot rap?

Well, today in Party Pilipinas From Saudi With Love Down To Mars members have proven their versatility in their production number.  They did their own rendition of Flo Rida's '(Will You Blow My) Whistle Baby'.

Check out this video and let us know what you think. Best viewed in 480p quality.

I was talking to Jeongwon last Friday and he said that the song they will be performing is again another difficult one.  He said that they will rap.  When I saw the rest of the members they also said the same thing.  Jang even had this serious look while eating and studying the song.   But it turned out that their worries about the song and dance came out well performed.  

After Down To Mars' performance I tweeted, "Good job! Nice blending of high and low fast and slow. Woot! Woot!". I also added that Jeongwon doesn't look like that he just came from sickbay. He looks good when the cameraman gave him  close-ups and so does Kenji, Jang and Yheen.

With regard to their choreography.  It was nice and simple with very nice blockings.

Overall, the rendition of Down To Mars 'Whistle Baby' is really good.  They absolutely have the talent and much confidence in whatever song that will be given to them.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Down To Mars 'Oh Oh Here We Are' Director's Cut MV

Down To Mars released their second music video 'Oh Oh Here We Are' on the 21st of January. The video is 3:02 minutes long. Members of Down To Mars manage to look cool in their STRIPTEES shirt under the sun while singing and dancing to their latest 'oh oh dance craze'. As of this writing, the MV has more that 9K views on this Down To Mars' official YouTube.

On the 30th of January, Director's Cut of 'Oh Oh Here We Are' was posted on the YouTube channel of ely damasin (director/editor). The video is the full version of the the song, it is 3:37 long.  

In the Director's Cut, some of the pool scenes were removed and are left with the members dancing and singing on the roof top highlighting the dance steps and more of the members.

Check out the Director's Cut below. 

Like and share the video if you may BUT do not forget as well the other video that was on Down To Mars' official YouTube channel.

Down To Mars' 'Oh Oh Here We Are'  is just one of the five songs in the self titled album of the group.  'Oh Oh Here We Are' is a pretty nice song and  the beat makes you want to get up and dance to 'oh oh dance craze'.  Go and grab a copy of  'DOWN TO MARS' in the record bar nearest you.

Down To Mars in Barangay LS 97.1 Music Station Vid

Barangay LS 97.1, is the flagship FM radio station of Radio GMA Network Inc. (RGMA, a subsidiary of GMA Network, Inc.) in the Philippines. Just recently, they have launched their newest station music video which can be seen on GMA.  The new station MV has 6 sets including the all-star. Of the six sets, of course my fave is that of Down To Mars and the all-star MVs.

I pretty much remember when Down To Mars recorded the song, it was on the 22nd of December during the taping of Party Pilipinas WISH.

For those who have not seen the videos yet, I am shoving here the 15 seconds MV spot of Down To Mars to be followed by the all-star MV.

Following videos were lifted from elmobenguan's YouTube channel.

Cute videos and cute cool dudes, right? Ei, like the vid and share it, yah?  ^_^

For the rest of the videos you may click HERE.

For those who are interested you may listen to LSFM 97.1 on live streaming by clicking HERE.  To know more about the Barangay 97.1 LS, you may check HERE.