Wednesday, February 6, 2013

[Fun Art] Guess Who Is This Down To Mars Member

I guess I just have to share these sketches and make a game out of it here. ^^

Well, posting a game on my blog is nothing new to me as I have done this in my other blogs as well. But this is the first time that I am using my drawing for a game.  So, pardon me for it.  I just found myself sketching the members when I was waiting for 7PM to strike earlier.

Highlights of the sketches of the members of Down To Mars below are their hair.  The first thought of  hairstyle of each member  that came to my mind is the peg for each sketch. So to test if i did well, so-so, or poorly, can you guess who is the member on each image?

Much thanks for participating! Click HERE for the correct answers. ^^

P.S. for number 2 and 5 images, I had a hard time with these 2. ^^


  1. 1 yheen
    2 kiro
    3 kenji
    4 jeongwon
    5 jang
    6 daisuke

    hangcute. medyo mahirap lang si jang @ kiro.

    1. Perfect! Thanks for participating. Actually hirap ako kay Jang and Kiro. Pero if I used siguro yun long hair ni Kiro madali lang kasi anime ang peg. ^^

  2. 1. Yheen
    2. Kiro
    3. Kenji
    4. Jeongwon
    5. Jang
    6. Daisuke


    1. Hello again Louise! Thanks for your post her and for tweeting me. You answers are all correct. ^^

  3. Yheen, Kiro, Kenji, Jeongwon, Jang & Daisuke.

    I like your sketch of Yheen & Kenji.

    1. Hi! You got it all correct. Thank you for dropping by. I find Kenji, Daisuke and Jeongwon the easiest to sketch their hair. ^^ Yheen is kinda easy too but I had to re-do several times.

      Thanks again!