Saturday, February 23, 2013

Down To Mars in Bubble Gang

I guess everyone was caught by surprise when Down To Mars portion in Bubble Gang was finally shown tonight.

Many have been waiting for Down To Mars appearance in Bubble Gang ever since the members announced that they will be on the show sometime in January.  I even remember DTM fans have been preparing for hash tag on Twitter to be used for several Fridays but unfortunately they were not able to do it last night. 

Anyway, in my room TV was set to GMA's  Bubble Gang but I was not watching as I just came out from bathing. Then I heard "Hi, We are Down To Mars" and there I saw Down To Mars with Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill  in their  IYOTube segment.  Hee, and I had to laugh at Roadfill because he does not only look funny but he cannot do DTM's hand sign and he was helped by Jang.

Here is link where you can watch the cute segment of IYOTube with Down To Mars together with Moymoy and Roadfill singing and dancing to 'Oh Oh Here We Are' .  You may fast forward to 1:46 mark to start.

Cute as always, right? Oh yeah makes me miss them much.

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