Sunday, February 10, 2013

Down To Mars in Pusong Party Pilipinas

Honestly, I have never been sooooooooooooooooooo bitin (not enough) in any of the performances of Down To Mars until this episode of Pusong Party Pilipinas.

Alright, I know I have mentioned several times that I wish that there would have been more every time they will be on stage. But today's stage really is so short especially when they are singing one of my favorite songs, 'Nandito Lang Ako'.

Haiz... anyway, here is the video of Rhythm N Boys in today Pusong Party Pilipinas.  RnB starts at 33.11 mark.  Fast forward to  37:27 mark for' Nandito Lang Ako'. 

Jang's portion was well sang and he looks good with his fringe. As for Jeongwong, it seems like there's something wrong with his mic at the beginning but he still was able to pull it off well in the end.  During the portion when everyone is singing, you can very well hear him belting out with the rest. As for the rest of the members, blending and harmony are good.  Btw,  they all look gorgeous in their dark suit.

That's it for Pusong Party Pilipinas.  I hope that next week, Party Pilipinas R UK, we will get to see them in more segments.

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