Friday, November 30, 2012

[Vid] Full Cut of Down To Mars in GMA TV MARS

Two weeks after it was shown on GMA TV, finally I was able to see the full episode of MARS in which Down To Mars guested. Thanks much to someone for making it possible.

Screencaps from leather wrist band making of Yheen and
stomp and clap dance lesson

I have actually blogged HERE last week the the part in which Down To Mars talked about gadgets. Thanks to Gian of for the clip. That portion was only 1/3 of DTM's exposure in MARS. There are two more segments, one is where Yheen showed his talent in making leather wrist band and the other one is when they learned how to do the stomp and clap steps.

I am shoving here now Down To Mars full cut in MARS in two parts since the video is 21 minutes long. First part is the leather wrist band making of Yheen and  singing of Jeongwon (very powerful one)  and Jang as well as Kenji and Yheen. Part two is 'Technophile Ka Ba?' segment and the stomp and clap dancing.

Yheen has the knack for making the leather wrist band and I am glad that he invested in the machine and making it into a business. I wish I could be like him. I am into crafts and have bought a Cuttlebug machine. If there are readers of this blog who knows Cuttlebug, you surely know what I am talking about. I bought it with a plan of making a small business out of my hobby. I have the machine for a year now and only using to create stuff for myself and personalized gifts to friends. Hee, I lack the entrepreneur skill and the time. ^^

Anyhow, the finished products that were shown are pretty nice and even the ones the members are wearng. I wish though that Yheen was able to say how those interested in the leather band can contact him and gave us an idea much it costs. Hmm, I wonder if he has a website wherein interested buyers can order online. I wish I know more. 

Anyway, good luck to Yheen.  He is not only a model and a rapper but the boss of his own business at a young age.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Down to Mars in Party Pilipinas Move

I saw Down To Mars in today's Party Pilipinas Move in the segment Dance Drama. They did not sing this time but dance together with Yassi, Julian and more.

A different DTM because they only danced.  The dance is not the usual dance that they do but a different one. It's a nice production number but as always I would rather see them sing and dance on stage since that is where they really shine.  

Here is the full video in high quality of Dance Drama segment. You may fast forward to 4:48 to see Down To Mars and to 6:51.

I shared earlier cut vid of DTM.  If you may click to be directed to her YT.

They are all looking dashing in their suit/tux with their own unique styling, right?  Glad to see Kiro, Jang, Sky and Jeongwon having close ups. But it's Jeongwon who got the most screen time today. 

Let me shove here photos of the members taken during their break from recording last Friday. Much thanks to Kiro (@DTM_kiro_rivera) and to Jang (@DTM_lillboyJANG) for sharing them on their Twitter account. Hee, hope you don't mind me grabbing them and sharing here as well. ^^

Btw, tomorrow Down To Mars is nominated as Best New Artist (Group) in Aliw Awards that is to be held at Manila Hotel. Aliw Awards is the pioneer in giving awards for excellence in theatre, opera, dance, live vocal and instrumental shows. I am certain that just by being nominated here is already an honor for anyone.

I am wishing and including Down To Mars in my prayers that they will be able to bag the award.  If not then, it is already a priviledge for the group to be recognized by the prestigious award giving body. Oh, read that  they will be performing.  This is something to look forward to.

With that congratulations already to Down To Mars. You have already proven something to your detractors.  Life is not easy, but if you keep being strong, determine,  discipline and humble you can always go to where you want to be.

Also, you guys might want to give your support to Down To Mars in the blog  Lion Heart TV's poll dubbed as Netizens' Choice Awards for Music. There is an on going poll HERE in which Down To Mars is among the groups in the Favorite Band/Group category. The poll will end on the 15th of December 2012.

When efforts are put together I think there is a good possibility that Down To Mars may bag this. So keep on voting for them as they are currently #2. I believe that the poll is IP based so only one vote per day is being counted.

There is one more thing, keep on buying their first album 'Down To Mars'. If you have one already, buy another copy. You can give it as a present for Christmas.  I am saying this because it would really be good if Down To Mars' first album can already be gold by the time the year ends.  If this happens we will all be able to see and hear their second album sooner. 

Again, this can only happen if Down To Mars supporters make this as a mission and will give your all out support. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Down To Mars in GMA News TV's MARS

Finally a video of Down To Mars recorded from their guesting in GMA News TV's MARS last Friday, 16th of November.

Above is set of screencaps from 
the 'Technophile Ka Ba? segment of MARS

I failed to watch MARS because I was at the Lee Min Ho Benchsetter Fun Meeting in Smart Araneta Coliseum wherein Down To Mars was one of the guest performers on the same day that this was broadcast.

I have been searching high and low for the video of Down To Mars guesting but was not able to look for any until today when I was talking to the wife of Gian, who happens to be one of the guests in the show's 'Technophile Ka Ba?' segment.

For the first one minute and and forty three seconds of this video, Gian Viterbo talks about the gadgets he owns and few tip before buying. If you want to know more tips from Gian you may visit GadgetPilipinas ( where he gives tips, reviews on the latest gadget.  You may also check GP on Facebook ( or follow  GP's  Twitter ( account.

After the interview with Gian which was recorded last Thursday, the rest of the 8:07 video will focus on the interview of Suzy and Camille (who I happen to love her hair much)  with Jang, Kenji, Yheen and Jeongwon of Down To Mars together with MM and MJ.

Here's the video which I lifted from the YouTube channel of . Much thanks again Gian! .

I actually do not know how long the interview with Down To Mars went but I know that I am missing one segment.  That segment is where Yheen introduced the leather arm band that he himself (if I am not mistaken) created.

I learned that Gian recorded the whole show, but apparently he has already deleted the file  (T_T).  But I asked his wife to ask Gian if he can check his recycle bin.  I am crossing my fingers and toes again, that the file can still be retrieved from the recycle bin.  If it's there, then lady luck must be sitting on my shoulder when I asked Gian's wife.  Let's wait and see.

For the meantime, enjoy this video and see how charming the members are as they answer questions by Suzy and Camille. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Down To Mars in Party Pilipinas Most Liked

It is a Sunday and there is going to be Party Pilipinas (PP).  I have never looked forward to Party Pilipinas until I started liking Down To Mars

Today in Party Pilipinas Most Liked episode it was announced by members of Down To Mars that they will have two production numbers, one would be at the opening and the second one would be with RhythmNBoys (with Chris L., Jay-R, Mark Bautista and Gian Magdangal).

Those following Down To Mars on their Twitter account (@WeAreDownToMars) would know that this week have really been pretty tight for the members.  With guestings, tapings, recording and endless rehearsals for their production numbers.

Those activities would end them up going home late (not to their family but in their quarter) and sleeping late.  We would read them complain about how tired they are and painful their legs are because of too much dancing for hours but we all know they are doing  this because they only want to give their best in every performance.

With their hard work, determination and giving up the comfort of their home and being with their love ones, we have been witnesses to the results of their performances as we saw them performed at the Lee Min Ho Benchsetter Fun Meet and their two production numbers in Party Pilipinas Most Liked.

I would really want to share good quality video from last night LMH Fun Meet but unfortunately mine got corrupted and I have not seen any sharing from any streaming sites so far though we have seen in my previous post that there were many cameras aiming at them while performing. I am still crossing my fingers that we would see one high quality video later.

For now let me share with you video clips from Down To Mars two production in Party Pilipinas.

First video is from the opening number with Ogie Alcasid and Janno Gibbs wherein they performed 'That's The Way I Like It' by KC and and Sunshine Band (1974).

You may fast forward the video to 5:40 for DTM's stage.

In one blog that I read earlier the author wrote 'Ogie and Janno are like X-men. Down To Mars is more impressive than Sayaw Pilipinas crew for they are more synchronize.' (alright don't ask me what the author meant by X-men because I don't know)

Next video is Rhythm N Boys performance of Bryan McKnight's 'One Last Cry'.

You may fast forward to 2:34 to start with RnB's performance

Again, let me share here what one blogger said about Rhythm N Boys' performance, 'Rhythm & Boys would be one of the good prods today though this segment is becoming stale already. It would be better if they had one female singer to perform with them each time to keep it fresh.'

I really do not mind seeing Rhythm N Boys every week as long as there is Down To Mars. Likewise, this segment of the show is quite interesting. Though I wish for something. Do not get me wrong with this,  I do not have anything against Chris L. who looks like Taeyang of Big Bang and I like his high pitch and dancing skills, the powerful voices of Gian Magdangal and Mark Bautista, and R&B Prince Jay-R.  What I wish is for Down To Mars to have a stage of their own with no other big stars.  Crossing my fingers and toes for that to happen.

Anyhow, have you seen their two production numbers?  You like them? I do a lot. And since I am a bit prevvy about details in what I watch I noticed several things. One of which is that I like how the members gave exposure to other members to let them shine.

Like in 'That's The Way I Like It', Kenji and Sky have each been given a solo and they are always in front.  In terms of their blocking, Daisuke and Kiro are next to Kenji and Sky in front. So whenever camera is panning they are viewed from the screen.

In 'One Last Cry', it is Jeongwon's velvety voice  and Jang's belty singing that gave them good exposure today. They even had a number of focus. But the voice of the rest of the members blended really well with the group which made the production number one of my faves.

Ah, and  I just have to say this, Jeongwon for me standout in this performance. That even if the camera is not panning to him you would hear his singing voice.

A typical boy band performance features elaborately choreographed dancing, with the members taking turns singing and/or rapping

With Down To Mars, in today's production numbers, we saw their snappy choreographed dancing and members taking turns in singing.  They've shown to us that they can blend well with top singers and can also wow the audience with their talent and charms.

So, with that, congratulations again to Down To Mars for a job well done in today's Party Pilipinas.  All the hard work paid off as the audience and viewers only have good words for you.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Down to Mars at Lee Min Ho Benchsetter Fun Meet

I am glad that I did not let the 'Lee Min Ho Benchsetter Fun Meet' pass. Otherwise, I would have regretted it and miss the fun and excitement.

Teaser photos of what you will about to see later.

Thanks to friends who made it all possible to do the purchase for me and for getting the ticket invite.

I am not a Minoz but I am a fan of Lee Min Ho.  I have seen him in 'Boys Over Flowers', 'City Hunter' and 'Faith'. So, I am happy to be part of his fan meet.  Excited?  Yes.

Then 4  days before the event,  on the 12th of November, while watching Flippish (No. 1 Pinoy Online Video Channel)  where in Down To Mars is the guest, they announced a very pleasant surprise that they will be performing in the fan meet.  I was so elated when I heard it and was doubly excited... Lee Min Ho and Down To Mars. ^_^

Those reading this blog should know by now how I started liking Down To Mars. So as each day progresses and members of DTM are tweeting about it, my anticipation is growing and looking forward to Friday..

Since this is my first time seeing DTM performing live, I wanted to get good seat.  So I exhausted all my efforts to get what I want which I got.  Yahoo!

Anyway, before I go on,big thanks first  to Bench for making this possible and so cheap. Among the fan meetings that I have attended, I believe that this was the cheapest I ever been to. Imagine only shelling out P1,000 and getting  very good seat.

Those who attended the fan meet, they only had to make a minimum purchase requirement from P500 to P1,500 to be able to get a ticket.  For P500 worth of single receipt purchase  you get to seat at the  Upper Box B, P800 for Upper Box A, P1,000 for Lower Box , P1,5000 for Patron

With my P1,000 I asked my friend to purchase for me anything she can get from the rack of skin care products and colognes that I can give out on Christmas.  These  are the items she bought for me. 

With that purchase, I  got a ticket at the Lower Box A.

Biggest concern now for our group (we are 15) is how to get good seats.  Since I am a stone throw's away from Smart Araneta Coliseum, I thought of asking our help to queue for us as early as 6AM.  But something better came up  that we were able to get Row A of Section ___. I would like to believe that we got one of the best sections (if you don't like banging your body with the others and squeezing yourself with other bodies with everyone in the mosh pit).

Alright, concert day...

Since this is not a Lee Mi Ho blog, I will spare everyone from reading my fan account about him but will still be sharing photos of him and a little bit of him towards the end of this page.

The event started a little over 7PM.  Smart Araneta Coliseum's  concert capacity (3/4 of the dome) was almost full.

Audience was first entertained by Hans of Face to Face and we all had a good laugh with his hosting.  He's so funny and gay.  I love it! Running out of something to say because Min Ho was not yet ready to come out, he was instructed by the stage director to stretch the time until  he was given the cue  then the countdown started...


A group of five ladies came out dancing and singing to Wonder Girl's 'Nobody'.

 Immediately after their performance of 'Nobody', Down To Mars came out with Super Junior's 'Sorry Sorry'.

When they came out I heard screams... excitement... wiiiiiii! Okay, I have to concentrate watching, taking videos checking the vid from time to time.

Then, they're done with their performance.

Okay, now let me start sharing photos. Here is a set of photos taken from their 'Sorry Sorry' performance. Sorry for the quality, had I known that they will not be too strict with camera I would have brought with me my DSLR and 70-300mm lens for better quality photos.

I like their performance  of 'Sorry Sorry'. DTM added twists to the choreography and song.  I like it better than doing the original stuff.

Among my friends seated together with me, according to them Yheen and Jeongwon stood out.  But when talking to friends who were at the mosh pit, all the members earned some fans. Woot!

After DTM's performance, I heard cheering in which I felt happy and proud.  I am really glad with the reception they got from the crowd be it they know Down To Mars or not (yet).  Audience enjoyed their performance.

Next another set of performers came out dancing to 2NE1's 'Fire'.  Here's a collage of their performance.

They were followed by an all group of men dancing to the world phenomenon 'Gangnam Style'.

As 'Gangnam Style' is about to end, all the performers came out and danced together to cap their performance.

Here again are photos of Down To Mars doing 'Gangnam Style' together with Philippines All Star.

For the first 30 minutes or so of the event, audience were well entertained by Hans, Down To Mars and Philippines All Star. 

Thumbs up to the director for getting Hans to hype the audience, putting together Down To Mars and Philippines All Star on stage to perform and having thought of having  that kind of production number wherein audience did get bored as it is a continuous stage from all the performer.

Congratulations too to Down To Mars for another job well done.

It was my first time seeing them live and I hope that it will not be the last.  Hope to see them performing on big stage once again and hopefully the next time, I will be able to get really good quality photos and videos.

Btw, about my video, I wanted to die when I got home to check only to find out that the whole 'Sorry Sorry' capture was corrupted.  Sorry... sorry... I should have not tweeted that I have a video. I should have checked it first.  T_T

Anyway, someone was able to share the video she took from the mosh pit.  Here's the video,  thanks to for sharing. I hope you do not mind me sharing your video here.

Alright, before I give you a bit of what happened at the fan meeting, let me share with you individual photos of the members of Down To Mars from last night's performance of 'Sorry Sorry' and 'Gangnam Style'.  I really regretted not bringing my DSLR for this event.  Anyway, I will try to make up for it next time I have a chance. 

Jeongwon's high pitch is really impressive
 and he looks good in white.

With Jang's hair, he stand so tall on stage.
His voice got drown when he had his solo at the beggining 
because of the screaming fans. 

Daisuke looking so tall and slim on stage.
At the end of their number I was surprise  to see him standing in the middle.
I guess the members did it on purpose.  Cute!

Yheen's very low voice can be heard in the coliseum 
despite the screaming.  Since he and Jeongwon are 
often side by side during their production and wearing 
white, they are very noticeable.

Kiro is always at the back and it is so difficult
to focus on him and get  snapshot of him. The time he was in front
I cannot get the right focus.  Next time I will have to it it right.

A friend in the mosh pit asked me who the guys with holes
in his pants with a cute smile. There no doubt that it was Kenji.

I noticed that when Sky had his solo there were a lot 
of screaming from the audience.  Hee, it must the the pink hair.

So, there it goes,  my fan account of Down To Mars from the Lee Min Ho Benchsetter Fun Meet.   Really, a pleasant surprise when I learned that they will be appearing in the fan meet. But like I mentioned, I hope to see them performing live next time much longer.

Now here is a bit from the actual fan meeting.  Will just give the highlights and share some photos.

When the production number ended, Lee Min Ho was then introduced and the crowd went wild.  Nothing can be heard except for the screams of fans wanting to see Lee Min Ho.

As with the other fan meeting, there were Q&A, interaction with fans, surprises and games.

Lee Min Ho is so accommodating and sweet that he made a lot of fans giddy with excitement.  He's very handsome  and full of charm.  He's overflowing with cuteness too. Who wouldn't fall for this handsome Korean lad?

Alright, I stop from here otherwise I will have to write long again and this is not the proper blog for this.

I will now be sharing some of the photos from the event for everyone's enjoyment. 

Standing sexily.

Why is it that I find Korean men sexy doing the cross legs.
Is it only me or other find it sexy as well?

Laughing at the funny re-enactment on the big screen.

With Sam Oh who did a great job interpreting and hosting.

 Saying goodbye to everyone.

That's all about it.  Hope everyone reading this or just plain browsing enjoyed what I shared in this page.

Btw, on my the way home, I have some friends hitching since they're on my way home who do not know Down To Mars.  I had DTM's cd on the changer playing.  They asked me who the artist but told them to guess. Two thought some foreign boy band was singing. They like the songs then I told them who Down To Mars is. ^_^

I even gave one of the signed CDs that I have in my car which I am about to send to a friend given to one of my hitchers because she said she likes 'Nandito Lang Ako' when she learned that it's DTM  singing from my player. Nice yah?

Until my next post.