Friday, November 30, 2012

[Vid] Full Cut of Down To Mars in GMA TV MARS

Two weeks after it was shown on GMA TV, finally I was able to see the full episode of MARS in which Down To Mars guested. Thanks much to someone for making it possible.

Screencaps from leather wrist band making of Yheen and
stomp and clap dance lesson

I have actually blogged HERE last week the the part in which Down To Mars talked about gadgets. Thanks to Gian of for the clip. That portion was only 1/3 of DTM's exposure in MARS. There are two more segments, one is where Yheen showed his talent in making leather wrist band and the other one is when they learned how to do the stomp and clap steps.

I am shoving here now Down To Mars full cut in MARS in two parts since the video is 21 minutes long. First part is the leather wrist band making of Yheen and  singing of Jeongwon (very powerful one)  and Jang as well as Kenji and Yheen. Part two is 'Technophile Ka Ba?' segment and the stomp and clap dancing.

Yheen has the knack for making the leather wrist band and I am glad that he invested in the machine and making it into a business. I wish I could be like him. I am into crafts and have bought a Cuttlebug machine. If there are readers of this blog who knows Cuttlebug, you surely know what I am talking about. I bought it with a plan of making a small business out of my hobby. I have the machine for a year now and only using to create stuff for myself and personalized gifts to friends. Hee, I lack the entrepreneur skill and the time. ^^

Anyhow, the finished products that were shown are pretty nice and even the ones the members are wearng. I wish though that Yheen was able to say how those interested in the leather band can contact him and gave us an idea much it costs. Hmm, I wonder if he has a website wherein interested buyers can order online. I wish I know more. 

Anyway, good luck to Yheen.  He is not only a model and a rapper but the boss of his own business at a young age.

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  1. Thank you!!!!! Ganda ng gawa ni Boss Yheen. San kaya mabibili yun?