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Who is Down To Mars?

I am pretty sure those who follow me in my other blog and will discover this blog will have this one in a million dollar question... Who is Down to Mars?

Jang, Daisuke, Kenji, Kiro, JeongWon, Yheen & Sky

I also asked myself who Down to Mars is when I first saw them on TV performing with another group in Party Pilipinas (oh yeah, peeps in our house watch Channel 7 programs a lot).  Since I follow quite a lot of pop groups especially K-pop my eyebrow went up when I saw them. But hey, since they were performing live and I like the snappiness of their dance moves, I was a little impressed.

Then later on little by little whenever Sunday come around and TV is turned on to Channel 7 for Party Pilipinas I would always see them perform  until I got really curious and finding myself checking articles about them, getting to their fanpages (though I don't like FB much), watching and listening to their group performances in YouTube and finally watching and listening to each member's song cover particularly that of Jeong Won, Jang and Kenji.

So, alright, that's how I started liking Down to Mars. Now as to who they are, here are just bits of information I gathered from the net.

Down To Mars is a group of seven half-Filipino blooded young lads whose passion is music. They are composed of half-Chinese Kenji Chua, Sky Young, Jang Amparna, Yheen (Bryan) Valero, half-Korean Kiro Rivera, Jeong Won Song and half-Japanese Daisuke Higahara.

Even before they launched their very first album under PolyEast Records entitled 'Down To Mars', the very first inter-pop group in the Philippines is already a regular of GMA's Party Pilipinas wherein they showcase their talent in live singing and dancing.

Kiro, Daisuke, Jeongwon, Jang, Kenji, Sky & Yheen

If you guys are curious about their music, you may want to check below their 1st MV 'My Everything'. This song is the carrier single of their self titled album.

This is the cover of their self title album.

Above is my very first DTM album in which there are only 4 insets (no Jeong Won, Yheen and Kenji). Yes signed but not really meant for me. A friend gave this to me which came from 'someone' because of her persistent. Anyway, I will be sharing you later the signed album that I have from them and photos when I meet them all.

When my friend gave me a copy of their album I was surprised to see that all the songs are their own composition. The album is composed of five original well written songs. They are in English except for one which is 'Nandito Lang Ako' (which is also beautifully written by Kenji, Jang and Jeong Wong and sang by belters Jeong Won and Jang) which is also the theme song of the Korean drama in GMA 'Smile Donghae'. 

Anyway, to continue on, in July of this year, Down To Mars was invited to perform at the International Exposition Yeosu Korea 2012 together with Ballet Philippines, University of Cebu Dance Company,Gian Magdangal at Kyla.

Here are videos from the said event courtesy of  official YouTube channel.

Performing self composed song 'O, Oh'

Performing Korean version  of  'My Everything'.

Today, Down To Mars can regularly be seen in Party Pilipinas every Sunday. They are busy with mall/provincial tours and guestings (one of which is Coffee Prince). Currently, they are one of the new endorsers of Chef's Noodles and Calayan.

I believe that Down To Mars is slowly but surely making a name in the industry. Given the right opportunity, promotion and breaks they can surely make it. I can see that they have the talent, dedication and determination to make it big.

Honestly, I have been a fan of many idol pop groups (US,Tw, Ch, Jp latest is Kr) but this is the first time that I am fancying a group from the Philippines. Maybe because I see homegrown talent as well as a mixture of what is currently the 'in' thing.

To get to know more about Down to Mars you may check out their Down To Mars official website by clicking HERE. Click ABOUT US  and you will get to know them as a group and individually. Do not forget to go to the other pages as well as you will surely enjoy tour to Down To Mars. 

Btw, DTM's first album is soon to go GOLD. I really hope that they will be able to hit the GOLD mark for an album by the end of the year so that their 2nd album will come out soon.

So if there are any followers from my other blog who wants an album just let me know, you guys know pretty well where to contact me. There may be some freebies too from me. ^^

Oh, those who emailed me before, as promised I will be sending the signed CDs soon with their signature.  Hope you will support Down To Mars.


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Photos of  Down to Mars members taken by me and a bit about them.


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