Saturday, November 10, 2012

Down to Mars?

I cannot remember now when I started doing this post and parked in the draft box.  Hmm, probably about a month or a month and a half ago? Oh well, nevermind, what is important is that I am finally hitting the post button and doing a blog post about Down To Mars.

What made me do it?  Well, I finally got to meet them in person. Thanks to a friend for surprising me and not letting me do any prepping up before finally meeting them. 

To start off this blog let me just post here a short funny convo I had with a friend a few weeks back and telling her how I fancy this inter-pop group from the Philippines.

Here it goes...

Two Sundays ago, something hit me and I have this crazy little thing going on about this so called Down To Mars.  So, I called my friend and have this conversation with her.

Friend : Hey there!  What's up?

Me : Hey it's me.

Friend : Why?

Me : Because I need to tell you something

Friend : Go ahead...

Me : Yeah right... listen up

Friend : Alright, tell me hurry...

Me : I am blogging about Down To Mars

Friend : What did you say?

Me : I am blogging about Down To Mars?

Friend : Are you into extra terrestrial now?

Me : No...

Friend : Then what?

Me : Alright, remember I told you earlier that I find this group of guys in Party Pilipinas interesting? They are called Down To Mars.

Friend : Yeah...

Me : Well, I noticed that GMA has been giving them quite a good airtime now and found myself watching the show and listening to their music.

Friend :  And...?

Me : I started searching them, listening to their videos, group and individual and I find them interesting.

Friend : And...?

Me : I am blogging about them now.

Friend : Oh yeah... you are crazy.  I know how much you love to blog, but blog about them?

Me : Well, I'll give this one a shot.  If I find some interesting stuff, photos, videos well I will continue.  But if I will be lacking materials about them, well then... I will have to stop it.  But for now, I think I have few materials to blog about them since I am just starting to like them and their music.

Friend : This I got to see.  Let me see how you can turn this blog as popular as the one you have now.

Me : Hey, don't put pressure on me. I am doing this just for fun and to have an outlet on how to express my likeness to them.  You know me, I would rather stay in the background that be a crazy fangirl. 

Friend : What will be your first topic?

Me : This convo.

Friend : Are you nuts?

Me : Nope.  This is how I want it.  Will you support me?

Friend : Do I have a choice?

Me : No.

Friend : Alright then.

Me : Alright!  Now, on to my second post.  Got to go now, before I forget the things I want to write.  Bye!

Friend : Crazy...bye!


That's how it started.

Down To Mars
Upper Row : Kenji, Daisuke, Yheen & Jang
Lower Row : Sky, Kiro & Jeongwon

Coming up posts:
Who is Down To Mars
Meeting Down To Mars for the First Time (with photos of course!)
Photos of individual members of Down To Mars taken by me and my first impression on each member. 

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