Sunday, November 18, 2012

Down To Mars in Party Pilipinas Most Liked

It is a Sunday and there is going to be Party Pilipinas (PP).  I have never looked forward to Party Pilipinas until I started liking Down To Mars

Today in Party Pilipinas Most Liked episode it was announced by members of Down To Mars that they will have two production numbers, one would be at the opening and the second one would be with RhythmNBoys (with Chris L., Jay-R, Mark Bautista and Gian Magdangal).

Those following Down To Mars on their Twitter account (@WeAreDownToMars) would know that this week have really been pretty tight for the members.  With guestings, tapings, recording and endless rehearsals for their production numbers.

Those activities would end them up going home late (not to their family but in their quarter) and sleeping late.  We would read them complain about how tired they are and painful their legs are because of too much dancing for hours but we all know they are doing  this because they only want to give their best in every performance.

With their hard work, determination and giving up the comfort of their home and being with their love ones, we have been witnesses to the results of their performances as we saw them performed at the Lee Min Ho Benchsetter Fun Meet and their two production numbers in Party Pilipinas Most Liked.

I would really want to share good quality video from last night LMH Fun Meet but unfortunately mine got corrupted and I have not seen any sharing from any streaming sites so far though we have seen in my previous post that there were many cameras aiming at them while performing. I am still crossing my fingers that we would see one high quality video later.

For now let me share with you video clips from Down To Mars two production in Party Pilipinas.

First video is from the opening number with Ogie Alcasid and Janno Gibbs wherein they performed 'That's The Way I Like It' by KC and and Sunshine Band (1974).

You may fast forward the video to 5:40 for DTM's stage.

In one blog that I read earlier the author wrote 'Ogie and Janno are like X-men. Down To Mars is more impressive than Sayaw Pilipinas crew for they are more synchronize.' (alright don't ask me what the author meant by X-men because I don't know)

Next video is Rhythm N Boys performance of Bryan McKnight's 'One Last Cry'.

You may fast forward to 2:34 to start with RnB's performance

Again, let me share here what one blogger said about Rhythm N Boys' performance, 'Rhythm & Boys would be one of the good prods today though this segment is becoming stale already. It would be better if they had one female singer to perform with them each time to keep it fresh.'

I really do not mind seeing Rhythm N Boys every week as long as there is Down To Mars. Likewise, this segment of the show is quite interesting. Though I wish for something. Do not get me wrong with this,  I do not have anything against Chris L. who looks like Taeyang of Big Bang and I like his high pitch and dancing skills, the powerful voices of Gian Magdangal and Mark Bautista, and R&B Prince Jay-R.  What I wish is for Down To Mars to have a stage of their own with no other big stars.  Crossing my fingers and toes for that to happen.

Anyhow, have you seen their two production numbers?  You like them? I do a lot. And since I am a bit prevvy about details in what I watch I noticed several things. One of which is that I like how the members gave exposure to other members to let them shine.

Like in 'That's The Way I Like It', Kenji and Sky have each been given a solo and they are always in front.  In terms of their blocking, Daisuke and Kiro are next to Kenji and Sky in front. So whenever camera is panning they are viewed from the screen.

In 'One Last Cry', it is Jeongwon's velvety voice  and Jang's belty singing that gave them good exposure today. They even had a number of focus. But the voice of the rest of the members blended really well with the group which made the production number one of my faves.

Ah, and  I just have to say this, Jeongwon for me standout in this performance. That even if the camera is not panning to him you would hear his singing voice.

A typical boy band performance features elaborately choreographed dancing, with the members taking turns singing and/or rapping

With Down To Mars, in today's production numbers, we saw their snappy choreographed dancing and members taking turns in singing.  They've shown to us that they can blend well with top singers and can also wow the audience with their talent and charms.

So, with that, congratulations again to Down To Mars for a job well done in today's Party Pilipinas.  All the hard work paid off as the audience and viewers only have good words for you.

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