Saturday, November 10, 2012

Meeting Each Member of Down To Mars

Before I start this post, let me first thank  Carol for letting me meet Down To Mars. Honestly, I was not even thinking of meeting any of the members not even ALL but it did happen!  

Anyway, there is a story behind this but will spare the blogging about this one in my next post.

As promised in my last post, I would be sharing here photos that I have taken of each of the member of Down To Mars as well as my first impression about them.

Just to explain a bit about the photos, they were taken after their rehearsals for Party Pilipinas. Though tired and hungry, these lads took some time off to meet us, chat with us and even signed the CDs that I have brought with me.

In the following photos, they may look tired but hey I think that they are much better looking without the make up, hair down and looking very casual not to mention sexy with their stubble. ^^  Anyway, I am really glad that I meet them like this.


Alright, let me start off  with...

Twitter : @DTM_lillboyJANG
Facebook :
YouTube :
SoundCloud :

Among the members of Down To Mars, Jang is he very first member I laid my eyes on because I find his chin very likeable.

When I started to search about each member, he was the very first one I checked.  Then I remember that when I got to his YouTube channel, I liked and even tweeted the link to his YT using my other Twitter account. Then unexpectedly, he replied to my tweets which I found quite amazing and made me follow him. 

Meeting Jang in person, I think that he's really friendly, nice and polite.  He keeps on talking to us. No wonder he is the spokeperson of the group.  I guess in any gatherings among friends, Jang would be a perfect host.   He can really make a good conversation and I think that he is quite smart (this is my observation I have of him in Twitter).

Next is Jeongwon

Twitter : @DTM_Jeongwon
Facebook :
YouTube :

Hmm, when did I really start liking JeongWon (of course aside from his singing voice)? Let me see... Ah!  I think when I first watched their GMA live chat video, then when I started following him on Twitter and reading/favoring some of the quotes that he said are just thoughts to ponder. 

I think, I have so much to say about this lad.  He kind of impresses me not only because of his singing voice but I think I find him intelligent, mysterious and confused. In other words, I find him interesting.

It was so nice meeting him in person. Cute lad. My impression of him as a snob was erased when he approached us and started talking particularly to me.  He looks kinda shy but shy in a very cute way.  When having small conversation with him, he would answer not with a smile  or one syllable answer  but will really talk to you. He is also polite (actually all of them are).

Yesterday, he looked sexy in plaid and tight pants that is hugging his nicely shaped legs with his red shoes. I like his height and he seems just perfect for his built.

Has anyone noticed Jeongwon's lips?  Oh, I just love and pretty much envy the curve on both sides of his lips. 

Oh btw, he smells good too (I am very particular about scents)  ^_^ I know that it was him because in  the photos I have with the group, he's always beside me to my delight. ^^.  Ha!

Up next is Kenji...

Twitter :  @kenjichua_dtm
Facebook :
YouTube :

Kenji's smile can really make you melt.  Just love it to the max.  His eyes are nice too. He has a flawless skin and those little moles he has are cute (I am envious! I've moles too plus freckles!)

I had a chance to have a very short convo with him in which I wish I could have been much longer. But that moment is precious because he's just so cute specially when he flashes his smile.

In TV, Kenji looks a bit fat but in person he is not.  And I will be saying this again, he looks much much better in person without make up. Nice looking and charming chap.  Oh, he can pull off that American flag legging/pants so well with a his long hoddie.

Next on my list is Kiro.

Twitter : @DTM_kiro_rivera
Facebook :

Kiro is simply looking hot and buff in white tee and jeans.  Bare face, he really look handsome.

Though I did not have a chance to talk to him  because he seems rather shy and not really the type of guy who would make easy conversation, I cannot say much about him. I hope that the next time I blog about Kiro, I will have something to share about him. 

Hmm... let me see, alright I go with Yhee next

Twitter : DTM_BossYheen
Facebook :

With his blonde hair, height and bedimpled smile, this guy stand out.

I had a small encounter with Yheen when i told him that he does look like TOP.  I did not get to hear what he said but noticed that whenever he opens his mouth his dimples will show. I also took noticed of the radiant smile that he gave upon hearing the compliment.

Like Kiro, I wish to have  small chat with him if given a chance.

Daisuke is up.

Twitter : @DTM_daisuke
Facebook :

In black top and jeans, Daisuke is towering over the other members.

Among the members, Daisuke is the only one in which I did not have any chance to have a small chat though I remember telling him and Kiro that they seem kind of shy. They just smile.

Ah, I wish I have something more to say about this lad.  At anyrate, let's see if there is a next time, k?

Last on the list is Sky.

Twitter : DTM_touchthesky
Facebook :

Sky has a small face and seems rather flawless. He is on the lanky side though. But with a little buffing up, I think that this chap will look hotter.

He is nice to join in some of the conversation.  Among the members, I think that he is 3rd/4th (same with Kenji)  in my ranking when it comes keeping someone well entertained.


Alright! That's all folks for now.  I am crossing my fingers and toes that I will have another next time with them.

It was really a pleasant surprise for me made possible by my friend who pretty well know that I like Down To Mars. 

Funny how she planned everything, from having my CDs signed and having a photo with each member and as a group all in one night.

It was one Friday night that I will never forget.  Not only because I met DTM but also because it's just not my way of doing something like this but I absolutely like it.  I am really grateful to my friend Carol and to Down To Mars for the overload of happiness. 

Before I end this post, let me share with you a snapshot of Yheen, Daisuke and Kiro.  I think one of the reasons why I was not able to get a good convo with these guys is because they were the first to sign the CDs.

Next blog post...

Yours truly with Down To Mars


  1. wow! you're lucky to meet them :) hope they would see this blog & give comments~^^; I'll tell this blog to my friends who likes DTM too.Ü

  2. Thank you Anonymoun 6:30 for leaving a comment here. Yes, i am quite lucky indeed and yeah, I hope that the members will know this blog and I am wishing upon the stars that they will comment (crossing fingers and toes)

    Btw, I am surprise that you're able to discover my DTM blog when I haven't shared the link to my Twitter account yet.

    I will appreciate it if you could tell your friends about this blog and spread Down To Mars. I really believe in the talent of this group.

  3. Thank you po sa pag share nito. Nag enjoy ako sa post mo :) pag nabasa po ito ng DTM matutuwa sila.

    1. Thank you for dropping by at na-enjoy mo post ko. Well, sana DTM will like what I have written about them.

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