Sunday, February 2, 2014

Down To Mars' Thanksgiving Party 01.31.22014

From Left to Right : Daisuke, Jang, Kenji, Jeongwon and Yheen.

Down To Mars started the Chinese New Year with a Thanksgiving Party together with their friends and loved ones that was held at Arbor Towne.

Guests who graced the party are Philippine Red Cross Secretary General Gwen Pang, Jonaly Viray (who even sang songs), Krizza Neri, stylist Julius Tarog and more. The sumptuous party/dinner was prepared for Down To Mars by Mrs. Bing Chua

The night was highlighted with performance from  Down To Mars. Here is one of the songs, 'Good Feeling' that they did. (please click HD on the setting for better viewing)

Here are photos from the Thanksgiving Party.

Jang with Jonaly Viray

New boy group Good Vibes

Jang and Jeongwon with PRC Secretary General Gwen Pang.

Down To Mars with guests from  Philippine Red Cross 

Down to Mars with Jonalyn Viray and Julius Tarog

Down to Mars with Be Beauty Owner, Ms. Rose.

Down To Mars with Jonalyn Viray

Down To Mars with Good Vibes

Down To Mars with their Tito Ed

Reaction of Jeongwon, Daisuke and Kenji while watching Jonaly Viray singing.

Down To Mars with guests from Philippine Red Cross.

Down To Mars with guests from Philippine Red Cross and Mr. & Mrs. Chua.

Down To Mars with Krizza Neri and Jonalyn Viray.

And for your enjoyment, here are more photos of  Daisuke, Jang, Jeongwon, Kenji and Yheen.