Saturday, April 5, 2014

Down To Mars & iDOLS Fan Meeting in SM Valenzuela

At The Event Center of SM Valenzuela in Bulacan last 3rd of April, Down To Mars and iDols heated up the summer by treating their fans (Marsians and Solidols) a fun filled double summer treat.

Down To Mars


For the very first time Discovery Media Entertainment in cooperation with Philippine Red Cross and SM had a joint fan meeting. The fun fan meeting was full of cheering, giddiness, laughter, prizes and excitement.

Member of Down To Mars and iDols entertained their fans by dancing, singing and giving lots of fan service.

The show started off with a production number from Down To Mars and iDols. The younger group iDols dance to the live singing of Down To Mars' One Direction medley. Afterwhich iDols took the center stage to delight of Solidols with their dancing and had a paper dance game with some of their fans. After iDols stage came Down To Mars and delighted Marsias with their singing and dancing skills. They likewise tickled their fans with a trip to Jerusalem game with a twist.

Below are the dance list of iDols (not complete i think):
  • True
  • Talk Dirty
  • I Cry and Kiss You
  • Like a Rose (sing)

And here is the song list of Down To Mars (not compete i think):
  • Back at One
  • Nandito Lang Ako
  • Nossa Ai Su Eu Te Pego
  • What Makes You Beautiful

The show was capped with a photo op with all the member of Down To Mars and iDols.

The highlight of the show for me was the Nossa number of both groups. But I find Down To Mars owning the dance craze as I find them sexy doing the steps. Had fun looking at the expression on their faces dancing sexily to the steps (I guess also the long legs and their slim figure had me enjoying watching them dancing to it ^_^). But I have to say that amongst the members of Down To Mars, Yheen made the biggest impression on me (actually to everyone watching). He just brought the house down with his sexiness. He exudes the manly sexy appeal of doing Nossa with that tattoo and be-dimpled smile of his. Yheen on stage at SM Valenzuela is awesomely yummylicious and drool-worthy. Thumbs up Yheen!

Here is video of Yheen's Noosa.

And click HERE for the showdown of Down To Mars and iDols. (sorry don't know how to make the vid viewable upright)

I had fun watching the show in front. But I kinda find my place a little difficult to get good shots as I am pointing my camera upwards and cannot really get good angles. Hope the you will like following photos which I am sharing with you here.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

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