Sunday, March 31, 2013

Down To Mars in Party Pilipinas Summer Trip

Happy Easter, everyone! Hee, and I just thought of doing this post especially for visitors not from Philippines.

Oh yeah, it is Sunday alright but we did not get to watch Party Pilipinas live today.  As the artists were given a break to spend Holy Week with family and friends.

Though there was no live broadcast we were treated today with Party Pilipinas Summer Trip in which performances from other episodes were put together to keep our Party P mode this Sunday.

For Down To Mars their performance last January 15  wherein they sang Boys II Men 'Miss You'  with Gian Magdangal, Kris Lawrence and Mark Bautista in which they are known in Group B as Rhythm N Boys was shown.

I am shoving here once again the video from Party Pilipinas Lucky Lucky  for everyone's enjoyment.

Glad to be hearing this song once again with Rhythm N Boys singing. Hee, and arent' you guys missing Down To Mars? Liar's nose will grow. ^_^

I have written quite a few about their performance of 'Miss You'.  If you are interested go and click the HERE.

Sharing with you here, screencaps the performance above specially featuring Jang and Jeongwon when they had their solo.

DTM's Jang

DTM's Jeongwon 

Gian Magdangal, Kris Lawrence, Mark Bautista & Down To Mars 
a.k.a. Rhythm N Boys in Group B of Party P

The second time Down To Mars was featured in today's Party Pilipinas Summer Trip was when they did the pretty cool jerking dance.

To refresh you of that stage, here is the video again. Fast forward to 17:55 if you wish o see Down To Mars soon.


To read more about my blog when Down To Mars performed this jerk dance in Party Pilipinas Palaban last March 3, you may click HERE.

Next week Party Pilipinas will be live again and we will see Down To Mars in PP's Bakasyon episode. What could be Down To Mars doing next week?  Let's all wait excitedly, alright?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

[Vids] Down To Mars in the Opening & RnB with Nina in PP Summer Love

In their very colorful outfit, sunshine bright smile and radiating charms, Down To Mars together with Steven Silva had fun on stage in last Sunday's Party Pilipina Summer Love performing One Direction's 'Live While We're Young'

Here is full video of the opening that I uploaded on YouTube for everyone's enjoyment.

Here is cut vid of DTM's 'Live While We're Young' performance.

And sharing here, few screencaps from their production number.

Collage of Kenji's solo. (sorry for the poor quality vid is not clear)

Collage of Jang's solo.(sorry for the poor quality vid is not clear)

Now sharing with everyone cut of Rhythm N Boys (Down To Mars, Gian Magdangal, Kris Lawrence & JayR) stage in Party Pilipinas Summer Love with Soul Siren Nina where they sang 'Love Moves in Mysterious Ways', 'Foolish Heart' and Nina's latest single.

And I am shoving here, screencaps of Jeongwon when he sang his part in 'Foolish Heart'. Like I mentioned in my earlier post, the camera just love Jeongwon last Sunday and he was captured with his cute shy like smile and that signature lip bite of him.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Down To Mars in Party Pilipinas Summer Love

Crazy hotta hotta summer with Down To Mars in today's Party Pilipinas Summer Love where we saw them in two production numbers.

 Daisuke, Jeongwon, Jang, Kiro, Kenji and Yheen in their colorful opening number outfit.
Photo lifted from Down To Mars Facebook fanpage

Same photo as the first one, I just thought of cropping it.  
Thanks to Down To Mars for the photo.

Down To Mars and Steven Silva wowed fans and strangers with One Direction's 'Live While We're Young' in the opening of Party Pilipnas. Singing and dancing with hoola hoops is quite demanding but they where able do a good job with lots of charisma on stage. Way to go Daisuke, Jang, Jeongwon, Kenji, Kiro, Yheen and Steven (@stevensilva)! (Hee, Steven could be the 7th member of Down To Mars ^_^)

Shoving here video of the opening where Down To Mars was on stage during the whole opening production  with all the stars.  For DTM's cut only you may fast forward to 10:17.

Down To Mars just keep on amazing me with the energy they pull out in each of their performance.  They definitely have the whole package: visuals, vocals, dance skills and fan support.

Btw, happy to see the name of Down To Mars, Jang and Kenji on screen when they were singing their solo part.  Jeongwon's name was missed out probably because during his solo singing the camera was panned to the other stars dancing but definitely Jeongwon singing the high notes very strong and stable can be clearly heard, 

Second production number is Rhythm N Boys with soul siren Nina.  I am happy finally this number came after knowing about this since two weeks ago.

I like the  song choices in this production number and having Down to Mars sing part of the songs make it more wonderful.  'Love Moves in Mysterious Ways' and 'Foolish Heart' are soothing and calming ballads.

Giddy hyper when the cameraman gave close ups to Jeongwon and catching his cute smile in 3:33 and 3:50. Jeongwon and Jang voice oozes me. They have refreshing vocals.

Down To Mars has come a long way, and I couldn't be more proud of them. I want them badly to get their biggest break ever. They have the potential and right attitude.  I will keep on praying.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Down To Mars 'Crayon' Photo Collage

Sharing with everyone few more photos of members of Down To Mars from this shutterbug. Like I mentioned earlier I have taken quite a few number of snapshots from Down To Mars 'Crayon' performance. I made a collage of each member which I hope you will like.

Yheen Valero

Jang Amparna

Jeongwon Song

Kenji Chua

Kiro Rivera

Daisuke Hagihara

Btw, I have heard a lot of good praises from friends about Down To Mars 'Crayon'. They really made an impact to many viewers last Sunday. Before Sunday, I was already pretty excited when I learned about what they are performing, my excitement doubled when I learned the night before their performance that during technical rehearsals they were already being complimented. I guess the compliments that they got gave them the inspiration to perform very well during the live show.

Again thumbs up Down To Mars!

Oh, I just uploaded the cut of Down To Mars performance of 'Crayon' on my YouTube channel. If you want to view their performance again, here it is.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Adorkable Down To Mars

I am happy to be sharing in this post photos that I have taken of members of Down To Mars.

It was a frenzy Sunday as members prepare for their production numbers in Party Pilipinas With Honors  but gladly I was able to take snap shots of them while resting. Really super heaps of thanks!

In the following photos, they are just so adorkable.  You could not even tell that they are tired because they all just look so handsome while giving their cutest smile and pose.

Kenji with the coat made by his mom and a very nice painted pants for
the 'Crayon' performance.

Very colorful Jang.  Really nice outfit for 'Crayon'

Cute as a button Yheen. Hee, just like the button on his ear.

Sharing here two photos of Jeongwon as I love how the camera captured him here.

Pretty nice smile, Jeongwon! 

And this one too!  Keep smiling, yah?

Also sharing two photos of  Kiro.  Cute as always, right?

A playful Kiro. 

Kiro with his pout. 

A wink from Daisuke.  Hmm, how can Daisuke still has nice hair 
after getting soak with perspiration? Unbelievable!

Thanks again adorkable guys!  You are all awesome!

Down To Mars in Party Pilipinas With Honors

Thunderous cheers from Down To Mars supporters as well as from other fan clubs in today's Party Pilipinas With Honors when members Daisuke, Jang, Jeongwon, Kenji, Kiro and Yheen performed Big Bang's GDragon's 'Crayon'.

'Crayon' is pretty much a very danceable song, and you actually want to dance with the members or at least jump when they sang the song in the opening of today's Party Pilipinas.

Check out Down To Mars being colorful and visually appealing as they rocked the stage for three minutes. Fast forward to 10:44.

So much swag at the same time they are cute and adorable, right? I am so proud of them. Really this talented group never fails to amaze me in each and every performances that they do. It only goes to show how capable they are to do whatever they are asked to do and how much they love their craft.

Now let me just say this after seeing and watching their performance, Down To Mars is addictive and they're like my drug. ^_^

Down To Mars you nailed it!

For their second production number, Down To Mars was in Sayaw Pilipinas. Fast forward to 37:37 to see Down To Mars with MoyMoy Palaboy.

Shoving here photos that I took inside the studio for everyone's enjoyment.

Opening number - 'Crayon'

There are so many photos that I have taken but will only be sharing few from this performance. For better enjoyment, click the image to make it bigger.

And here are from the second production number.

Sorry for the photos.  This shutterbug needs to learn how to take photos in motion. But I hope you like it guys.

Until next week for another wonderful performance of Down To Mars in Party Pilipinas.