Sunday, March 31, 2013

Down To Mars in Party Pilipinas Summer Trip

Happy Easter, everyone! Hee, and I just thought of doing this post especially for visitors not from Philippines.

Oh yeah, it is Sunday alright but we did not get to watch Party Pilipinas live today.  As the artists were given a break to spend Holy Week with family and friends.

Though there was no live broadcast we were treated today with Party Pilipinas Summer Trip in which performances from other episodes were put together to keep our Party P mode this Sunday.

For Down To Mars their performance last January 15  wherein they sang Boys II Men 'Miss You'  with Gian Magdangal, Kris Lawrence and Mark Bautista in which they are known in Group B as Rhythm N Boys was shown.

I am shoving here once again the video from Party Pilipinas Lucky Lucky  for everyone's enjoyment.

Glad to be hearing this song once again with Rhythm N Boys singing. Hee, and arent' you guys missing Down To Mars? Liar's nose will grow. ^_^

I have written quite a few about their performance of 'Miss You'.  If you are interested go and click the HERE.

Sharing with you here, screencaps the performance above specially featuring Jang and Jeongwon when they had their solo.

DTM's Jang

DTM's Jeongwon 

Gian Magdangal, Kris Lawrence, Mark Bautista & Down To Mars 
a.k.a. Rhythm N Boys in Group B of Party P

The second time Down To Mars was featured in today's Party Pilipinas Summer Trip was when they did the pretty cool jerking dance.

To refresh you of that stage, here is the video again. Fast forward to 17:55 if you wish o see Down To Mars soon.


To read more about my blog when Down To Mars performed this jerk dance in Party Pilipinas Palaban last March 3, you may click HERE.

Next week Party Pilipinas will be live again and we will see Down To Mars in PP's Bakasyon episode. What could be Down To Mars doing next week?  Let's all wait excitedly, alright?

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