Sunday, March 3, 2013

Down To Mars in Party Pilipinas Palaban

Down To Mars were in two production numbers in today's Party Pilipinas Palaban and in these numbers the members rocked the stage by showing off their dancing skills.

For their first stage, here is the lively performance of Down To Mars at the opening of the program. Fast forward to 19:59.

Next is their segment in Sayaw Pilipinas. Here is the video of the cool jerking dance by Down To Mars. Move to 17:55.

Down To Mars was able to bring their own flair jerking on stage.  Their leg movements and foot works are very detailed. 

It is amazing how much Down To Mars developed not only in their singing but as well as in their dancing. They have much confidence now in each of their performances and they pretty much look comfortable performing. I like it much that they are so damn charismatic on stage (off stage as well).

It has been a while since we last heard them sing in Party Pilipinas.  I hope that next week they will not only dance but showcase as well their singing.

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