Sunday, March 17, 2013

Adorkable Down To Mars

I am happy to be sharing in this post photos that I have taken of members of Down To Mars.

It was a frenzy Sunday as members prepare for their production numbers in Party Pilipinas With Honors  but gladly I was able to take snap shots of them while resting. Really super heaps of thanks!

In the following photos, they are just so adorkable.  You could not even tell that they are tired because they all just look so handsome while giving their cutest smile and pose.

Kenji with the coat made by his mom and a very nice painted pants for
the 'Crayon' performance.

Very colorful Jang.  Really nice outfit for 'Crayon'

Cute as a button Yheen. Hee, just like the button on his ear.

Sharing here two photos of Jeongwon as I love how the camera captured him here.

Pretty nice smile, Jeongwon! 

And this one too!  Keep smiling, yah?

Also sharing two photos of  Kiro.  Cute as always, right?

A playful Kiro. 

Kiro with his pout. 

A wink from Daisuke.  Hmm, how can Daisuke still has nice hair 
after getting soak with perspiration? Unbelievable!

Thanks again adorkable guys!  You are all awesome!


  1. nasan po si sky? wala po ako balita sknya? :)

  2. 좋은 옷이
    귀여운 드레스 love it...^_^..
    san po c sky walker...^_^..
    lagi nalang cia alaw.^_^.

  3. All are handsome in these photos! I am totally drooling. I agree Jeongwon has a nice smile and double eyelids. Thank you Lizzy for sharing your awesome shots.