Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Down To Mars 'Crayon' Photo Collage

Sharing with everyone few more photos of members of Down To Mars from this shutterbug. Like I mentioned earlier I have taken quite a few number of snapshots from Down To Mars 'Crayon' performance. I made a collage of each member which I hope you will like.

Yheen Valero

Jang Amparna

Jeongwon Song

Kenji Chua

Kiro Rivera

Daisuke Hagihara

Btw, I have heard a lot of good praises from friends about Down To Mars 'Crayon'. They really made an impact to many viewers last Sunday. Before Sunday, I was already pretty excited when I learned about what they are performing, my excitement doubled when I learned the night before their performance that during technical rehearsals they were already being complimented. I guess the compliments that they got gave them the inspiration to perform very well during the live show.

Again thumbs up Down To Mars!

Oh, I just uploaded the cut of Down To Mars performance of 'Crayon' on my YouTube channel. If you want to view their performance again, here it is.


  1. Nice shots! All are very handsome. <3

  2. I saw the performance on YouTube ang galing ng Down To Mars! I love DTM!!!!