Sunday, March 10, 2013

Down To Mars in Party Pilipinas Summer Shake

I was looking forward to today's Party Pilipinas Summer Shake where Down To Mars was supposed to have two production numbers which I mentioned in my previous post.  But due to their schedule,  Down To Mars' second production number was cancelled.  After the opening, they have to rush to Robinson's Pulilan, Bulacan for another show.

On today's stage Down To Mars together with Jannon Gibbs performed The Wanted's 'Chasing The Sun'.  With Janno Gibbs members, Daisuke, Jang, Jeongwon, Kenji, Kiro and Yheen seems to be really having fun and enjoying their performance on stage.

Check out the video below.  Fast forward to 5:16 mark. Enjoy!

Cute that it makes you want to shout for 'More, more, more!', right?  Sigh... it's always been like that whenever they perform.  I really wish I was inside the studio to take photos and video of them especially when they were on the ledge. Anyway, thanks to the camera crew for again another nice panning.

Btw, on my wishlist (which is so long already) for Down To Mars, I hope that one Sunday they will be given a chance to perform on Party Pilipinas LIVE NOW.  I will continue to cross my fingers, toes and everything there is to cross that someday this will happen.  And if does, I will be one those happiest and promise to be watching live. ^^


  1. You are always a big help to us when it comes to DTM. Keep going!

  2. Nakakabitin nga! More! More! More!

  3. Yes Down To Mars on LIVE NOW! Sama ako mag cross ng fingers & toes kay @crazee_lizzy.