Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Down To Mars in GMA News TV's MARS

Finally a video of Down To Mars recorded from their guesting in GMA News TV's MARS last Friday, 16th of November.

Above is set of screencaps from 
the 'Technophile Ka Ba? segment of MARS

I failed to watch MARS because I was at the Lee Min Ho Benchsetter Fun Meeting in Smart Araneta Coliseum wherein Down To Mars was one of the guest performers on the same day that this was broadcast.

I have been searching high and low for the video of Down To Mars guesting but was not able to look for any until today when I was talking to the wife of Gian, who happens to be one of the guests in the show's 'Technophile Ka Ba?' segment.

For the first one minute and and forty three seconds of this video, Gian Viterbo talks about the gadgets he owns and few tip before buying. If you want to know more tips from Gian you may visit GadgetPilipinas ( where he gives tips, reviews on the latest gadget.  You may also check GP on Facebook ( or follow  GP's  Twitter ( account.

After the interview with Gian which was recorded last Thursday, the rest of the 8:07 video will focus on the interview of Suzy and Camille (who I happen to love her hair much)  with Jang, Kenji, Yheen and Jeongwon of Down To Mars together with MM and MJ.

Here's the video which I lifted from the YouTube channel of . Much thanks again Gian! .

I actually do not know how long the interview with Down To Mars went but I know that I am missing one segment.  That segment is where Yheen introduced the leather arm band that he himself (if I am not mistaken) created.

I learned that Gian recorded the whole show, but apparently he has already deleted the file  (T_T).  But I asked his wife to ask Gian if he can check his recycle bin.  I am crossing my fingers and toes again, that the file can still be retrieved from the recycle bin.  If it's there, then lady luck must be sitting on my shoulder when I asked Gian's wife.  Let's wait and see.

For the meantime, enjoy this video and see how charming the members are as they answer questions by Suzy and Camille. 

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  1. Many thanks for featuring the segment! :) More power to all of us. :D