Sunday, November 25, 2012

Down to Mars in Party Pilipinas Move

I saw Down To Mars in today's Party Pilipinas Move in the segment Dance Drama. They did not sing this time but dance together with Yassi, Julian and more.

A different DTM because they only danced.  The dance is not the usual dance that they do but a different one. It's a nice production number but as always I would rather see them sing and dance on stage since that is where they really shine.  

Here is the full video in high quality of Dance Drama segment. You may fast forward to 4:48 to see Down To Mars and to 6:51.

I shared earlier cut vid of DTM.  If you may click to be directed to her YT.

They are all looking dashing in their suit/tux with their own unique styling, right?  Glad to see Kiro, Jang, Sky and Jeongwon having close ups. But it's Jeongwon who got the most screen time today. 

Let me shove here photos of the members taken during their break from recording last Friday. Much thanks to Kiro (@DTM_kiro_rivera) and to Jang (@DTM_lillboyJANG) for sharing them on their Twitter account. Hee, hope you don't mind me grabbing them and sharing here as well. ^^

Btw, tomorrow Down To Mars is nominated as Best New Artist (Group) in Aliw Awards that is to be held at Manila Hotel. Aliw Awards is the pioneer in giving awards for excellence in theatre, opera, dance, live vocal and instrumental shows. I am certain that just by being nominated here is already an honor for anyone.

I am wishing and including Down To Mars in my prayers that they will be able to bag the award.  If not then, it is already a priviledge for the group to be recognized by the prestigious award giving body. Oh, read that  they will be performing.  This is something to look forward to.

With that congratulations already to Down To Mars. You have already proven something to your detractors.  Life is not easy, but if you keep being strong, determine,  discipline and humble you can always go to where you want to be.

Also, you guys might want to give your support to Down To Mars in the blog  Lion Heart TV's poll dubbed as Netizens' Choice Awards for Music. There is an on going poll HERE in which Down To Mars is among the groups in the Favorite Band/Group category. The poll will end on the 15th of December 2012.

When efforts are put together I think there is a good possibility that Down To Mars may bag this. So keep on voting for them as they are currently #2. I believe that the poll is IP based so only one vote per day is being counted.

There is one more thing, keep on buying their first album 'Down To Mars'. If you have one already, buy another copy. You can give it as a present for Christmas.  I am saying this because it would really be good if Down To Mars' first album can already be gold by the time the year ends.  If this happens we will all be able to see and hear their second album sooner. 

Again, this can only happen if Down To Mars supporters make this as a mission and will give your all out support. 

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