Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Few Seconds of Wonderful Blissful Feeling with Down To Mars

Now I have to share here my few seconds of great feelings of bliss and happiness with each member of Down To Mars.
Friends who might read this may call me shallow.  Heck, I do not care as they probably do not know the feeling of excitement that come in and out like a cool summer breeze when experiencing something that does not come easy everyday. 

Oh, yeah.... thanks again to my friend for letting me experience this wonderful blissful feeling.   Because if it's only me, I would not ever dare myself to take a photo with each member.  But because she said to take a photo with each member and they agree, who am I to say no, right? Why miss out on this opportunity?

I have had a few minutes of happiness with some other stars as well. But with local artist this is the first time. 

Ha!  I remember the time I miss my chance with Kim Hyun Joong because of my shyness, But it's a different experience though with U-Kiss. Because of this same friend,  I was able to have a photo with all the members because she pushed me  and told the members to have a photo with me.  Now, seeing my photo with U-Kiss again and remembering what happened makes me blush. 

Because of my white skin, I easily turn crimson. Whenever something excites me I turn red. It's a dead giveaway to anyone seeing me blushing that I am giddy with excitement (hee too difficult to hide).  While editing all the photos that I have with DTM, it's pretty obvious that I am giddy with excitement.  Probably the whole time I was with them,  I was red.  It's a good thing as well that I was wearing red top because it could be interpreted as a reflection.

Anyhow, here are my few seconds of bliss with each member of DTM. Hee, pardon for the blur, they are prettier than me so too shy to show my face. ^_^

With unruffled Jeong Won

With muscle man Kiro

With sweet Jang

With likeable Sky

With nice Daisuke

With charming Kenji

My friend thought that she had taken all photos of me with the members. When we left and checked shots, she said she missed out taking a photo of me with Yheen.  And with that, since I don't want to hit publish without his photo in this post, I am sharing this photo of Yheen taken when they were recording the birthday greetings for me. Hee, he looks cool with his hair down, yah?

And this is cool Yheen

Adding this collage here.  Just thought of making out for fun. ^^ I hope next time I'll have my few seconds of bliss with Yheen as well and of course with the members again. Crossing my fingers and toes. 


Up next...

...hmm... still thinking about the next topic. ^^


  1. I love to read your blogs about down to mars.