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[Vids] Down To Mars in Party Pilipinas Dream 11.02.2012

Down To Mars put a lot of smile on my face today as they performed in today's  Party Pilipinas Dream. Never mind that I was late for my 3PM appointment, I never regretted that I stayed until the end of the show.

Earlier today, @WeAreDownToMars tweeted that they will be in opening (which apparently was closing), Sayaw Pilipinas and Rhythm N Boys segments. In between my packing (I am glad that the segments where to look for them were tweeted in advance) , surfing and watching I anticipated all the segments with excitement.

Down To Mars first came in Sayaw Pilipinas segment. Honestly, from the tweets of the members yesterday, I was expecting that they will be singing a U-Kiss song but instead they danced to 'Binguel Binguel'. (hee was readying myself to show my photo together with U-Kiss and my photo together with DTM side by side in my blog if they sing) 

I have always been honest that I like Down To Mars singing and dancing at the same time. So I was a bit disappointed... but... but... the members' energetic dancing to 'Binguel Binguel' plus the nice shots by the cameramen made up for the disappointment especially when the panning of the camera is mostly to my fave member.^_^

Now, let me shove here for your enjoyment, Sayaw Pilipinas segment. Fast forward to 2:16 to see Down To Mars danced to U-Kiss' 'Binguel Binguel'.

I have always been very particular about the blocking of Down To Mars in every performance that they have. Today, Yheen, whom I did not recognized at first because of the studded cap that he is wearing was placed in the middle the longest time. Daisuke who is behind Yheen, caught also my attention today as I noticed that there is something about his dancing that kind of just him. I do not know how to really describe it, but the move is just so Daisuke if I may say. Do not get me wrong, it is not something negative, it's kind of a signature Daisuke dancing style. I hope there is anyone reading this who got what I mean.

As 'Binguel Binguel' is over, I went to busy myself again multi tasking while waiting for the Rhythm N Boys. As Tim Yap introduced them I dropped everything and concentrated on watching them.

I cannot remember (if there is any) if I had ever listened to 'Joy To The World' as intently as I had when I listened to Rhythm N Boys. Oh yeah, it must be because of only one reason... it's because of Down To Mars. (really I've gone a li'l crazy i think)

From slow beat to rock, Rhythm N Boys rocked the stage with their rendition of 'Joy to the World'. Down To Mars blended so well with Jay-R, Mark, Kris and Gian with this song. It's another performance that would certainly be tagged as one of my favorites.

Of course, how can I not notice the blocking again and the camera focus. Since there's not much dance movement in this and the cameras keep focusing on the face of our faves. When Kris L had his solo, Sky is looking so cute at the background. When it was Mark's turn, Kiro at the background is looking so happy and cute as well.

But among the members of Down To Mars, Jeongwon seems to be the most enthusiastic. He moves and dances a lot. Adding to that is that, the camera keeps on panning to his side to my delight.

Alright, here's he video of Rhythm N Boys' 'Joy To The World'. Fast forward to 4:30 to begin.

As the portion of Rhythm N Boys was over, I decided to already leave the house for my appointment since I have already seen them in Sayaw Pilipinas and their last stage. That was already around 2:30 if I am not mistaken. But something was holding me back. I guess it was tweets  the keep on appearing in TweetDeck.

Since I am already late, I might as well end the show to which I am happy that I did stayed.

The closing of today's Party Pilipinas was not the usual closing that they do. In today's closing,almost all the artist came on stage to sing Christmas carols via game. Of course, who do I look for, Down To Mar of course. I did not see them at first until the camera starts panning from left to right.

Though the closing was different, I find it kind of messy though and I was not expecting that Down To Mars will have a chance to sing one Christmas carol until, in in 2:43 camera went to focus on Jeongwon and Jang as they sing 'Nang si Kristo'y isilang' twice (hee, not sure if they did a mistake) and Jeongwon dancing cutely. Oh yeah, Jeongwon has been giving me a lot of smile today.

Then towards the end of the video at 4:53 Jeongwon looking so hyper and cute again (sorry if I sounded like a broken record), Jang, Kenji and the rest of the members came down from the platform and played with confetti.

I am not sure if it's only me who keeps noticing Jeongwon or the camera just keeps on capturing him. Bbut even when the credit was already rolling Jeongwon can be seen dancing and really happy to my delight.

Anyway, here's the closing video and see for yourself.

I am not the kind who tweets a lot to my fave. But today, I cannot help myself to tweet to Jeongwon (hee, I even made a boo-boo) and tell him that he is full of cuteness today. To which I am so delighted that he acknowledged and putting a big smile on my face (shallow, yah? well...) while in a meeting and until this hour.

Up until a little pass midnight, some Down To Mars members were still making me smile via their tweets. They're just too funny and cute today. And with that, I cannot pass this day without blogging even if it's already 3:21AM and in 2 hours I have to be up and ready to leave.

With that, thank you Down To Mars for a giving me reasons to smile on a Sunday I was robbed off my rest day. Hope to meet and greet you once again.

P.S. I think the post is kind of messy. Won't proof read now, but will do later.  I really need to hit the bed.

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