Sunday, December 30, 2012

Just Sharing Some Reasons Why Fans Like Down To Mars

Just before Christmas I promised that I will give out CDs to the first two fans who would email in this post HERE.  On top of them emailing me, I also, I asked them to give me seven reasons why they like Down To Mars.

I actually received several emails and I had fun reading the reasons why they like Down To Mars. Thank you very much for responding.  But  I am really sorry for the others because as I mentioned in my earlier blog,  I only have two signed CDs left.  The two who responded already received their signed CD this week.  

For the first two who sent their email, I am sharing here their seven reasons why they like Down To Mars. Since they are silent fans they choose not to reveal their Twitter names, hence will only be using Anonymous #1 and Anonymous #2.

According to Anonymous#1, she likes Down To Mars because...
  1. Live singing
  2. Members are educated and well breed
  3. Nice to Marsians
  4. Write their own songs
  5. Solid
  6. Funny, handsome and cute
  7. First inter-pop group from the Philippines
Anonymous #2 wrote...
  1. Jeongwon I love his angelic voice
  2. Jang sings well and seems to not afraid to face his detractors
  3. Kenji's smile melts me
  4. Yheen smoldering look and style
  5. Daisuke his boy next door image and funny in Twitter
  6. Kiro muscle body is to die for
  7. Sky charming
Hmm, I quite agree in everything Anonymous 1 and 2 said. But I like the smoldering Yheen and boy next door Daisuke. When it comes to their singing voice, there is no doubt that Jeongwon and Jang can belt it out. Adorable, handsome and cute? Hey, that's already given if you are a Down To Mars fans, right?

Btw, I bawled out at Daisuke's description that he is funny in Twitter because he really is funny and always gives me a big smile whenever he makes witty replies/remarks to the other members.  Also, he is sooooo fond of food.  I have not told this to Daisuke yet (because never had a chance to), but I promise to give him baked macaroni if and when I will have a chance to see him next time. ^^

From the emails that I received, I have also read the following.  Pardon me for adding my own remarks.  Hee, I cannot help but add a little something to the adjectives. ^^

From Anonymous #3, she wrote...
  1. Talented (crazee_lizzy: would I be blogging about them if i don't believe in their talent?)
  2. Gwapo (crazee_lizzy:  I've already sounded like a broken record telling/writing this)
  3. Matatangkad (crazee_lizzy: I feel so small without my heels on the last time I saw them)
  4. Sexy (crazee_lizzy: hmm sexy? smexy? anyway, specially like those with nice legs and tush) 
  5. Nice and friendly (crazee_lizzy: agree!)
  6. May bonding (crazee_lizzy:  I guess so yes)
  7. Mahal ko sila ^^ (crazee_lizzy:  oh yeah i like them much)
The others I received almost have the same reasons and will just share here some that are funny and and cute:
  • Lahat sila parang mababango (crazee_lizzy : ^__^)
  • I like K-pop and I did not find them wannabe kaya nagustohan ko sila.
  • nakakakilig sila to the max!!!
  • Jeongwon's sexy stare nakakakilig >< (crazee_lizzy :  she noticed too that Jeongwon has a sexy stare! )
  • I like Jang's bunny front teeth (crazee_lizzy : cute Jang's bunny teeth)
  • bad boy image of Yheen! (crazee_lizzy : even when in wacky pose)
  • Kiro mukhang di makabasag pinggan... hehehehe (crazee_lizzy :  hee Kiro really does look shy)
The following are from fans I have sent CDs earlier (not from my previous post).  I asked them a favor to email me why they like Down To Mars.

First is from @B2STlyBOYFRIEND whom I got permission to use her Twitter name:
  1. They are friendly
  2. Like their name 'Down To Mars', because they are down to earth.
  3. They do not ignore fans.
  4. Hindi pumapatol sa nang-aaway sa kanila (crazee_lizzy:  This is supposedly the right attitude.  They've to set a good example to their fans. Also, I believe that haters should be respected because they are the ones who think that DTM is better than them)
  5. Not arrogant
  6. Very handsome and may sense of style
  7. Their music is very pleasing. 
Next is @ilovedot3 who got her signed  CD  by tweeting me sometime early this month.  According to her she likes Down To Mars for the following reasons:
  1. Narinig ko song nila na 'Nandito Lang Ako' sa Smile Donghae 
  2. Search ko sa internet at na discover ko si Jeongwon
  3. Napapanood ko na sila sa Party Pilipinas at na impress ako sobra every time na nakikita ko sila
  4. Bias ko si Jeongwon.  Sexy siya and ganda ng voice.
  5. Jang is very very nice to fans at guwapo din
  6. Maganda ang blending ng voice ng Down To Mars
  7. Kenji, Kiro, Yheen, Daisuke and Sky super like ko rin. DOWN TO MARS sobrang like ko!
Nice read, right?  It's so good to hear from fans why they like Down To Mars.  I hope those reading this will add more in the comment box. I am sure Down To Mars members would be happy to read why you like them.

To end this post, let me now share the reasons why I like Down To Mars.
  1. I am a self confessed K-Pop fan and I follow the idols i like  and give them my support.  Now, I am a self confessed Down To Mars follower because I believe in their talent.
  2. As everyone said, they are handsome to which I agree.  But being handsome (cute, pretty boy whatever you call it) is not everything, I am drawn to their being cordial, nice and friendly.
  3. I find them smexy.  Smart and sexy especially those who I usual talk to.  
  4.  They're funny, charismatic and sweet in person. 
  5. I find them hardworking, dedicated, passionate and ambitious.
  6. I find the other members intriguing as they have 'sariling mundo' (i am not the only one who noticed this ^^)
  7. I find them challenging/fascinating.  I guess this is  a personal test for myself since they're the first local group that I like. 
That's all folks. 'til my next post again. ^_^

C'mon please do not  be ashamed to share why you like Down To Mars especially if it is something that has not been shared from the lists above.  It's going to be fun to read why.


  1. Nice post. Share ko din ang reasons ko bakit like ko ang DTM. Di nga lang seven ito 1) magaling kumanta at sumayaw 2) mga guwapo at mababait 3) napapasaya nila ako 4) bais ko si Kenji at Yheen pero gusto ko pa rin silang lahat.

    Happy new year Down to Mars!!!


    1. Thank you for sharing the reasons why you like Down To Mars. ^^ Have a great year ahead.

  2. thank you for posting my reasons why I love them :) I'm hoping that they will notice this blog post ^^

  3. nicee to ! i love it so much. share ko din yung reasons ko.
    1. they have Good voices 2. Friendly supeer 3. Sweet esp. Jang 4. Makulet (Parang ako) 5. Hindi Snobero 6. Their songs make me Relax ! 7. Down to Earth <3 ! Ilovethemverymuch !


    1. Happy New Year clarz! Thank you for sharing with us reasons why you like Down To Mars. I agree, makulet sila.

  4. Thank you crazee_lizzy sa pag mention mo sa akin sa post mo. Down To Mars i really hope to see you in 2013!