Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013 Down To Mars!

When I really started knowing Down To Mars sometime middle of this year (though I already have an idea about them in 2011), I honestly had no idea what I was getting into though I had  big idea how it is being a fangirl because I am one myself.  I have been in KPop  for many years now.  Prior to that I was into JPop and ChPop as well.^^

Nothing really prepared me getting drawn to Down To Mars and I cannot simply disregard them halfway when I see them weekly performing in Party Pilipinas and have already met them.

The seven group member with interracial roots but all blended with Filipino blood, Jang, Jeongwon, Kenji, Yheen, Daisuke, Kiro and Sky, collectively know as Down To Mars, quickly won my interest as they showed great talent in writing their own music, singing and dancing.

Just as simply as that, Down To Mars got me hook, line and sinker. Here is another group that I have created a blog (I've other blogs for my other idols as well ^_^ hee, just love documenting my thoughts) in which I could spare few of my hours to write and quite knowing that it will be worth it.

Now, with 2012 about to finish in a few hours, let me just share in this post few my thoughts and wishes for Down To Mars

2012 is a breakthrough for Down To Mars. They had their first self titled album, they traveled to Korea to represent the Philippines, they were able  to land in some endorsement deals and quite a lot more graces came in their way. Despite all the blessing, the group also experienced a lot of  trials and hardships of getting recognized. But these did not stop them.  Down To Mars faced these difficulties by showing endurance, sincerity, dedication, humility and patience. And slowly but surely they are getting their name in the local industry known.  

In 2013 I believe it will be a much bigger year for Down To Mars.  Soon, we will see their very first TV ad, their billboard, new dance craze, hopefully their new album and concert.  I am crossing my fingers and toes, that the group will be able to travel abroad to be able to show to the world their talent.

With this, I wish that as they reach for the skies, the members will keep their feet firmly planted on the ground.  Likewise, I wish that they will remember that they are always two steps ahead of those who talk behind their back.

ALL the BEST in 2013, Down To Mars!  Cheers!

Btw, to those reading this, care to share what your wish for Down To Mars in 2013?


  1. Happy New Year DOWN TO MARS!
    Wish ko for them to release another album. More projects at tv guestings. At syempre sumikat pa lalo. Thank yo sa blog, kakaenjoy basahin,

  2. I want DTM's new album and concert too!!!!!!!!


  3. More greater success para sa DTM! Gusto ko rin sila makita in person!!!!