Monday, December 10, 2012

Non-fans Nice Words About Down To Mars

Since there was a Pacquiao-Marquez bout earlier, there was no Party Pilipinas where Down To Mars is a regular to look forward to.  It will be next Sunday again that we will be able to see them perform live and with that I have nothing to blog until I remember the kind words that friends told me about meeting Down To Mars.  

But before I blog about it, let me just write down first that I am quite happy though that the members were able to rest this weekend after complaining over on Twitter that they have sore body after a whole day of filming of their very first TV ad which will be out early next year. Btw, congratulations guys!

Alright, as I was saying, I heard nice compliments for Down To Mars members this week.  The first one came from the girlfriend of the photographer they worked with earlier who happens to be the sister of my junior at work.

I have been reading on Twitter from DTM's friends how nice and cordial they are but hearing/learning this from someone is something that made me more proud of them.  The bro of the girlfriend of the photographer was riding with me and on my cd player, DTM's songs are playing.  He asked me who the singer is then told him that it's Down To Mars.  Then he told me that his sister was able to work with them and that she finds them very nice to work with and are polite. 

The next compliment was from a friend who was instrumental in my meeting them.  She was at the Stars Night Out  party organized by the stars handlers where she met Down To Mars again.  Though the members did not recognized her at first when she introduced herself to them, she was happy though that the members found time to talk to her even for a bit and have a photo taken with them despite all the stars present that night.  Though according to her there is these two members that are really quiet.  Hee, without her telling me who, I guessed right. At any rate, the greetings and character that the members gave her is something that made an impression on her.

There is one member that left a really pretty good impression on her that night  and his name is Jang.  As she was leaving Seventh High when she saw him on the phone outside.  Instead of just waving to her, he parked his phone, approached her, gave her a peck on the cheek and bid her farewell. With the gestures, she sent me an SMS and told me how impressed she was. 

I have only met the members once and I can say that they are nice to me. I did not feel any air from them nor felt awkward. Anyway, hearing nice words from non-fans really makes me proud of them as I have been talking a lot about them to friends. I really do hope that they will continue to be nice, polite, cordial and professional. As they are the first band/group that I like locally, I will continue to give them my support for so long as they continue to set their feet on the ground as they reach for the sky.

Alright, the following paragraphs are so random but I just have to share it here because there is no other way I can share it anywhere.  I would have wanted to tweet but I am afraid that my tweet will not be read or acknowledged as I am not  among them. ^_^

Before ending this post, let me just share here how fascinated I was in what I read from the tweets of Jeongwon's WONders as they celebrated their monthsary and Christmas party via Christmas Wonder Day at McDonald's in Timog (hee, actually passed by when I went to KFC Roces this afternoon for my early dinner).

From the tweets I have been reading, seems that everyone had a grand time.  Everyone was thankful for the party that was prepared for them and gifts that Jeongwon gave out.  I can feel the sincerity just by reading all the thank yous from WONders and Jeongwon. WONders even extended their thanks to Jeongwon's parents.

Happy monthsary to the Wonders and happy to read that you had such a WONderful time with your favorite.  Keep on supporting Jeongwon and the rest of Down To Mars.   

Well, coming up next is Kenji's birthday celebration with his Chuables.  I am certain, Kenji's followers will have a blast celebrating his birthday with him. Can't wait to hear what his follower will have to say.


  1. Thank you again for writing something about DTM. I learned about them from a friend who is a silent fan. Does any of the members visit your blog? I hope so kasi sayang naman ang effort mo. Continue writing about them kasi I can only get to know more about them reading your blog and following them on twitter.

  2. Hello Anonymous and thank you for dropping by. I am glad to know that your friend brought you to and DTM brought you to my blog. Does any of the members visit my blog? Hmm, I believe so. ^_^