Saturday, December 22, 2012

Down To Mars In Their Relax Mode

Last Tuesday, I woke up very very early for yet another meeting prepared for the whole day.   I was not really looking forward to anything on that day but wished that something good will happen.

Hours dragged on just listening to talks that I have heard countless of times since December opened.  I have been to plannings, meetings, conferences for the past days listening only to what is being cascade almost everyday.  So I guess you know already how boring it is to be in another one.

After lunch I decided to skip listening and went to the adjacent room to check on my email, do some official work,  check my blogs and Twitter.  In other words, I have become a little productive.  But doing this, I still feel a little restless.  I wanted to do something but cannot do anything because work is stopping me from doing it. 

On the same day that I was busy and bored at work, Down To Mars on the other hand was having fun and busy preparing for the taping for Party Pilipinas WISH.

When I learned about the taping days before, I really wanted to go to GMA. It would have been a good opportunity for me last Tuesday to dropped by the studio to see them again, had it not been for work. So, I was  thinking then that it's already a wasted opportunity. (sad)

Towards the middle of the afternoon, I got a call from a friend.  The funny thing about this call is that the name did not registered on my phone, so I asked 'Who is this, please?' she then goes 'Who is this, ka dyan si _____ eto.' Without me finishing what I was saying I heard a male voice from the other receiver. It's Jeongwon.  I know I am hearing familiar voice when he first said hello but I had to confirm who it was.  Following Jeongwon, I had a chance to talk to all the members.  As always, they were very nice and accommodating.

I learned that they are already having their make up and already preparing to record for Party Pilipinas WISH. During the course of short convo with each members, they would mention that I drop by in which I said I will try once work is over.  To which of course I really really wanted to happen since I think, this is  the only time I can possibly have this week to see them all together again before Christmas break.

Talking to them on the phone was fun. But honestly, I was really caught by surprise and do not know what to say or to handle a convo with each. I was not really prepared for it.  I honestly do not know if what I said to them  made sense at all. (blush) So guys... sorry  and THANK YOU for giving me another precious time.

Since I do not have any idea whether I will be able to go see Down To Mars before Christmas break and to make me blissfully happy my friend took photos of all the members on their relax mode before recording for Party Pilipinas WISH. This set of photos was supposedly for my eyes only but since I wanted to blog about it, I asked my friend to get permission if I can use the photos.  So, with their permission, I am sharing them here.

Kenji with his studded shoes. Btw, Kenji is wearing a pair of studded star earring which my friend likes.  I saw it too and it's very pretty. On the background you can see Daisuke, Sky and Kiro busy checking the computer.  Yheen on the other hand checking his phone.

Kenji with Jang and his nice cam.

Jeongwon having his make up done.  Ei, he has nice forehead. I like!

Very tall Daisuke, posing for my friend. Sky still busy on the computer as well as  Yheen on the phone.

Yheen and Sky waiting for their turn to have their make-up done.

Kiro and Yheen showing how to look good in camera without make-up.

Jeongwon being made up while Jang on the background.

Group photo, thanks guys!

A wacky shot of  Down To Mars for the final picture. They are just adorable, right?

Heaps of THANK YOU  to my friend and to Down To Mars for the above, I really do not know anything about these photos until I saw my friend on the evening of Wednesday in GMA. Likewise, thanks much again  Down To Mars for the phone convo, it really made my day and helped me decide whether to go or not to go. Also, thanks for the signing the photo that  my friend took from my blog and asked you to sign (hee, no wonder she's been asking me to send her un-edited photo of me with you.  Hee, glad that I didn't)

Last Wednesday, I feel like Christmas came too early for me. I will blog about it later and share with you photos.  Meanwhile, do not fail to watch Party Pilipinas WISH tomorrow.  Look for Down to Mars in the opening segment and Rhythm N' Boys where in they will have their own solo spot and singing to 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas'.

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  1. You are lucky! My bias in Down to Mars is Jeongwon.