Sunday, December 16, 2012

Down To Mars in Party Pilipinas Inspired 12.16.12

I was out the whole morning doing pressies shopping.  I promised myself that I have to be home before Party Pilipinas as I do not want to miss the opening.  I left the mall 11:30am but never predicted how the traffic would be.  When I was in front of our house, I hurriedly went inside and just parked my car outside and asked someone to bring it inside the garage and rushed to the living room to switched on the TV.  To my surprise, no Party Pilipinas broadcast yet.  Then I learned from my niece (who was laughing at me because she thinks that I've gone crazy)  that bout of Donaire and a certain Mexican is being broadcast over at ABS-CBN.  Which I assume was the reason for the delay.

With the development, I was glad that I did not miss the opening of Party Pilipinas which started at 1PM.  So basically Party Pilipinas had only 2 hours of airtime today.

At the opening I could barely see the members of Down To Mars after the song of Regine, Ogie, Janno and Jaya. After the slow start of the show they then segue to dance performances from various artists in which of course I am only interested in the performance of Down To Mars.

On Twitter yesterday, there have been speculations that Down To Mars will be dancing back to back and along side with YouTube sensation Chicser (Party Pilipinas seems to be discovering talents from YouTube lately). The speculation came true when @WeAreDownToMars tweeted that they will be performing with Chicser.

On TV, you could easily predict that Down To Mars will be up next once you hear the loud cheering from fans. They came out dancing to One Direction's 'Live While We're Young'.

Though lacking one member since their Dagupan gig, with their lively and snappy performance, (probably with only few practices due to hectic schedule over the past three days) who would have thought that they arrived from Dagupan at wee hour in the morning, got enough rest and headed to Party Pilipinas to get ready and perform.  

Note:  Got a tweet from @WeAreDownToMars just now and said that :

@crazee_lizzy we had our rehearsal for opening and musical early this morning.  We shoot for #The3rdWave then now rehearsal for party pil.

Woot!  And I thought that they've rehearsed last Friday and only had to be in Party Pilipinas this morning for early call time and styling.  Poor lads!  I hope you guys are taking your vitamins and other supplements to keep you going and keeping yourself guard from sickness.

During their performance, I was checking on Jeongwon (thanks to the camera man again for always panning the cam on him) who has been unwell for almost a week. Glad to see him all smile and doing alright though I don't think that he is 100% fit. I think some members too are under the weather, but with their professionalism they were able to endure the long hours of work and short sleep. I guess they got their inspiration from the Marsians who were present at the studio to cheer for them. 

Here is the performance of Down To Mars and Chicser which starts at time 0:00 to 1:52. I am pretty sure that you wouldn't miss tall Daisuke's cartwheel in 0:12 mark.

The next segment for Down To Mars is in the Aegis Musical where in I was entertained with the repetitive unison hip thrusting choreography while back-up singing (should it be called that way? sorry not sure on what term to use).

But before that, I was happy to see each member being whisked by security guard played by Alden Richard. The whisking gave us the opportunity see them on TV quite longer individually. Among the members, I kinda like Jeongwon's style. ^_^ Simple yet there's some sexiness in it. Hee, could be the pants hugging his nicely shaped legs and tush.(pardon for that but can't help. it's a compliment)

Now check this video and fast forward to the following marks to see Down To Mars :
0:00 to 1:55,  5:10 to 6:49, 10:36 to 11:40

And, 0:40 to 1:02; 4:20 to 4:45.

Though not again the type of performance that I would want to see them, I am  quite okay with it since I was entertained. Got inspiration to blog today because  DTM's cute performance in  Party Pilipinas Inspired Aegis Drama. ^_^

With that, here is giving each member a  pat on the back  for the effort that they have exerted at the rehearsals and actual performances despite some of them not feeling well and   lacking  sleep as well as rest due to their provincial shows.  Thanks for entertaining us Down To Mars!  Likewise, we really appreciate your putting big smile on your faces and giving us good shows.

After today's Party Pilipinas, still there is no rest time for Down to Mars as they are busy preparing for next week's Party Pilipinas.  I wish that after their taping on Tuesday, the members will have time to rest, shop for Christmas and spend the holiday with their love ones.

Btw, I saw TeenGen and was happy to hear 'Fly' and 'O, Oh Here We Are' being part of the show.  I hope to hear those songs in the show as they are among my faves.  I also  hope (crossing my fingers and toes)  now that the songs are part of TeenGen, Down To Mars will be able to perform these in Party Pilipinas soon.


  1. Ang bilis mo magblog thank you. Namiss ko PP at happy ako naread your post na may video ng DTM. Twice na to na miss ko ang PP sa TV and 2x na rin akong narefer sa blog mo. Agree ako sa iyo sa observation mo kay DTMJeongwon. Napasin ko rin ang napansin mo before pa. Salamat ulit!!!!!

  2. Anonymous above, thanks for dropping by. Really? ^__^