Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My First Hello To Down To Mars In Chef's Noodle Philippines

I love Korean food and I finally got to taste some of the food in the the restaurant that Down To Mars is endorsing.

Last Friday, I tweeted that I am dreading Monday to come because I have to go to Manila for another meeting.   But after getting an idea from Down To Mars Jeongwon last Friday, I got excited and cannot wait for Monday to come.

Oh yeah, at last I was able to go to Chef's Noodle that is located at University Mall in Taft Avenue, Manila (right beside McDonald's La Salle) immediately after my meeting ended.

Ever since Down To Mars started endorsing Chef's Noodle in November, I have been curious about this  restaurant especially that whenever I see members of Down To Mars they would in passing mention Chef's Noodle

So, I went at the 2nd floor of University Mall.  There in the middle is Chef's Noodle

I went inside and was greeted courteously.  I actually  already have an idea what to order, thanks to the members of Down To Mars, but I still opted to check the menu with  yummylicious photographs of the  food that they offer.

Honestly, I would have wanted to try eating in the restaurant but I am alone. With no other option I ordered some to go and bought enough food for a friend whom I wanted to treat in Chef's Noodle but could not find the time and another friend who is on sickbay.

After checking the menu, I decided to order Chef's Noodle which is their bestseller, JapChae, Bulgogi Leek Pa Jun and Jjampong (not too spicy). I was then given this number.

As I placed my order and pay, the store manager offered me free coffee while I waited to my delight.

While waiting I chose to seat in front of the big panel where in Down To Mars photo is located for me to be able to take photo.

Glad that there is no one yet seated on the table. But as it is already almost 6PM, customers started coming in.  In a few minutes that I waited, there were already students seated on that side of the restaurant.

As customers started to  come in, my to go arrived.

Then off  I went to my friend's office to drop off her dinner  then proceeded to my friend's house who is sick. She actually made a little 'lambing' to visit her to which I gave in. Hee, I just love her doing that to me.  I wanted to give her Chef's Noodle but she insisted that I buy her Jjampong.

Here are photos of my to go.   Except for the Jjampong and another order of Bulgogi Leek Pa Jun that I gave to my sick friend these are the other food to go.  Thanks to my friend for taking the photos.

Chef's Noodle. Very tasty and filling.

JapChae.  Different from the other JapChae we have tasted.

Bulgogi Leek Pa Jun. Another winner for my taste.
(I actually wanted the seafood pajun but it was out of stock)

Free kimchi which I really really love.

Last night's dinner was really filling.  My tummy was really happy.

I would certainly go back again and try ordering the other food on the menu.  Hee, glad that weekly I would be having a meeting in Manila every Thursday.  If my time permits it, I would be dropping by again soon.

Before I end this post, I saw this video and lifted from the YouTube channel of ChefsNoodlePhils. Check it out and drool over the yummylicious food from Chef's Noodle.

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  1. Another nice blog entry. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Cool! How is the price? Affordable ba?

    1. Price is okay since serving is big. Go and try eating at Chef's Noodle.

  3. Na try ko na kumain dito ang sarap ng jap chae!


    1. Sarap di ba? Thanks for dropping by again.