Saturday, February 2, 2013

Down To Mars 'Oh Oh Here We Are' Director's Cut MV

Down To Mars released their second music video 'Oh Oh Here We Are' on the 21st of January. The video is 3:02 minutes long. Members of Down To Mars manage to look cool in their STRIPTEES shirt under the sun while singing and dancing to their latest 'oh oh dance craze'. As of this writing, the MV has more that 9K views on this Down To Mars' official YouTube.

On the 30th of January, Director's Cut of 'Oh Oh Here We Are' was posted on the YouTube channel of ely damasin (director/editor). The video is the full version of the the song, it is 3:37 long.  

In the Director's Cut, some of the pool scenes were removed and are left with the members dancing and singing on the roof top highlighting the dance steps and more of the members.

Check out the Director's Cut below. 

Like and share the video if you may BUT do not forget as well the other video that was on Down To Mars' official YouTube channel.

Down To Mars' 'Oh Oh Here We Are'  is just one of the five songs in the self titled album of the group.  'Oh Oh Here We Are' is a pretty nice song and  the beat makes you want to get up and dance to 'oh oh dance craze'.  Go and grab a copy of  'DOWN TO MARS' in the record bar nearest you.