Sunday, January 20, 2013

Down To Mars in Party Pilipinas Sa Yo 'To

This Sunday, I had a chance to be in Party Pilipinas.  Thanks to Ayene for making it happen.  It was a sudden decision last night while I was in the middle of MOA grounds. ^_^

I like almost all the production numbers in Party Pilipinas Sa Yo 'To today.  The costumes are nice especially during the opening number.  The choice of songs, props and of course the performance of the artists. 

There were quite a lot of production numbers that wowed me today, but to be honest, I need to watch the show again to remember them all.  For now all I can only remember is Down To Mars. And since this is a blog about Down To Mars, I will only be writing about them.  *blush*

For their first production number, you may check them starting at 4:40.

Change vid quality to 360p for better viewing quality.

Sharing you here photos I took during this short production number of  Down To Mars.

Now comes the performance of Down To Mars with the birthday celebrant Tim Yap. Down To Mars sang and danced the theme song of Voltes V. It was a cute production number. Sad though that the uploader of the video muted this clip as it contains copyrighted audio track. I will do my best to upload  the video later with audio using another streaming site.

The song sang by Down To Mars is BORUTESU FAIBU no Uta opening theme song of Voltes V composed by KOBAYASHI Asei and sang by HORIE Mitsuko & Koorogi.

You may start at 5:09 mark. 

Following are photos that I again took during their performance. I wish that I am in a better area to take the photos. I just love hitting the shutter. Hee, I am a shutterbug that whenever I start hitting the shutter it's non stop and that I forget to watch their performance. ^^

Below are photos after the production number.

Yee, sorry for the pix spazzzz. Hope that you like them.

Last clip is the all-star. Fast forward to 4:42 mark.

Again, heaps of thanks to kapusong totoo for the video upload.

I will try to edit the videos we've taken earlier and share with you. I wish I still can do it. ^^

It was very nice seeing Down To Mars performing live in Party Pilipinas. I had fun taking photos of them. But I also wish that I concentrated more in watching them perform. ^^

Anyway, with that, thanks again Down To Mars! Also for the time.

Btw, when I saw Down To Mars members after the show, it's very obvious that they are all so tired but still  have those pretty smile on their face. Thank you!

I hope that you guys will all get to rest tonight.

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  1. Nice pictures. Pls share more good quality picture. Mga kuha mo magaganda.