Thursday, January 24, 2013

[Vid] Down To Mars w/ Tim Yap in Party Pilipinas Sa Yo 'To

I have finally finished uploading Down To Mars performance with Tim Yap from last Sunday's Party Pilipinas Sa Yo 'To

Since last night, I have been uploading on YouTube their performance, but everytime I am halfway, YouTube keeps on rejecting my file (6 times).  I am assuming that the server has traced the song which is copyrighted.

So, because YT keeps of rejecting my file, I decided to use Vimeo instead.  

Without much ado, here is Down To Mars stage in Party Pilipinas Sa Yo 'To with Tim Yap.

Note :  Wait for the video to finish uploading before watching for better appreciation.  Also, sorry for the poor quality.  The original size of the vid is very small so once it is enlarge the quality suffers.

Song : BORUTESU FAIBU no Uta (opening theme song of Voltes V)
Composed by KOBAYASHI Asei
Original Sang by : HORIE Mitsuko & Koorogi

Cute stage from Down To Mars, right?

Their dance steps for this number were very simple.  But the voice of the members is certainly something to take notice especially Jeongwon whose high pitched voice can very well be heard in the audio. The other members volume of singing is a sign of enthusiasm while performing a very popular anime song many years ago.

Another nice stage Down To Mars!

P.S. Successfully uploaded in YouTube the video but in poor quality. Will try to make improve it. For the meantime, here the link for those who can't play Vimeo.


  1. Salamat sa pag upload! Ang galing bumirit ni Jeongwon talaga sobrang nakakabilib. Yun moment ni Daisuke ang galing din pati na rin si Kenji. Lahat talaga ang DTM talented.


    1. Thank you for dropping by and leaving your comment.