Saturday, January 12, 2013

Down To Mars in 97.1 LSFM 01.10.2013

Ei, this post is two days overdue. Anyway...

Down To Mars members were the guests of Mamabelle (@mamabelle971LS) on her radio program Sikat Sa Barangay last Thursday. Of course I did not miss listening  as I know it will be a blast listening to Daisuke, Jang, Jeongwon, Kenji, Kiro and Yheen. Though I wish that the one hour show would only have them answering to questions, listening to their songs and listening as well to their live singing.  But I guess this will have to remain on my wish list in which I am crossing my fingers and toes that soon it will happen.

The show started off with each member introducing themselves. Then DJ Mamabelle talked to them about the latest dance craze that they have been promoting which is called 'oh oh dance craze'.  In the show, members also sang live few liners from 'Oh, Oh Here We Are' which of course is so pleasing to hear.  Then Mamabelle asked Yheen to also rap (i like!). Honestly, I wish I was home when they were interviewed.  I could have recorded and shared the audio here but I was not home then.    Oh well, probably next time.

In the radio program, Down To Mars' Tita Geleen was also in the show.  She was the one who is behind the 'oh oh dance craze'. According to her, it started when GMA asked her to choreograph a dance that will be a craze in 2013.  And since she said that she already has something in mind, she did the 'oh oh dance craze' using of course Down To Mars' own song 'Oh, Oh Here We Are' which was first introduced in GMA TV New Year Countdown.

Then she was asked who amongst the members who dances 'oh oh dance craze' well.  Ms. Geleen said that Jeongwon does the 'oh oh' so well.  Do you agree? And the most difficult to teach?  Ms. G said it's Kiro. But hey, Kiro dances 'oh oh' cutely too. Anyway, you be the judge who among the members who dances the 'oh oh dance craze' well by watching HERE and HERE again.

The program ended with the members inviting fans to purchase their Down To Mars self titled album and promoting their regional tours.

Just by that the  45 minutes that Down To Mars was in the show went by so fast.  Really wish that there would be more.

Anyway, just before Down To Mars went on air, my friend saw them and she gave me another pleasant surprise that day.

Sharing with you here, photos of Down To Mars members while waiting for the show to go on air.  

Below is a video greeting of the members for the Solid Down To Mars and yours truly ^^. As always, they are the cutest when they are wacky. So check this video out.

With this let me thank my friend for doing the extra mile and surprising me once again. Of course really a HUGE thanks to Down To Mars for accommodating her.

Honestly, when I started blogging about Down To Mars I have some hesitations because I might not have enough materials to use to write about them. But because I like the group and I am someone who is very passionate when it comes to blogging I am able to find myself earnestly doing this (hee, even uploading videos of from the shows they are guesting).  Just like what I am doing to my Kpop idols and the same thing as what my other international fan friends are doing to their idols. I believe that by doing this, I am able to reach to fans who would want to know about Down ToMars more.

Down To Mars is relatively new. There are not that many press releases and video sharing in YouTube are not that many. With the rapid distribution via internet, I hope that my blog and vids will be shared and visited more.

Just so that my blog visitors will have an appreciation of the type of audience I have in this blog, here is a screencap of audience last January 1

And this is after two weeks.

I can say not bad for a two month blog. 

For those who re-tweeted the links that I shared on Twitter and  YouTube and those who shared them on Facebook, thank you.  SNS or social networking sites are big help. By just one click on  'tweet' or 'share' you are able to share a link to the world.

Alright, before I end this post, let me remind everyone to NOT forget to watch Down To Mars in Party Pilipinas Lucky Lucky.

Rhythm N Boys segment wherein they are part of it is something to look forward too.  They will be singing a very beautiful yet difficult song.  But kudos to Down To Mars they did well yesterday.


  1. Salamat! Nakalimutan ko un sa LS. Sana nga may audio video. Pero salamat pa rin sa blog mo may idea ako ano napagusapan.

    1. Hi Anonymous 7:30. You are very much welcome. ^^

  2. Thank you for this! Down To Mars i love you!

  3. Anon 7:04, hi! Thanks for reading my blog.