Monday, January 21, 2013

[Studio Vids] Down To Mars Opening & Voltes V Prod 01.21.2013

Sharing with everyone here videos taken by Ayene from yesterday's production performance of Down To Mars in Party Pilipinas Sa Yo 'To.

Pardon us for the shaky videos, it was difficult to take the video from our area as there are prod peeps right in front of us.

I hope you will enjoy these videos especially the second one since the one I shared HERE does not have the audio.

Later I will upload a better quality video of yesterday's performance.

For better viewing, kindly set the quality of the videos to 720pHD (highly recommended for those with fast connection).

Opening number, Down To Mars part only.

Production number of Down To Mars with Tim Yap.

Really sorry for the shaky vid.  It does not give justice to the cute performance as well as the voice of Down To Mars.  Will do my best to share good quality video later for everyone.

Much thanks to Ayene once again for helping me out on this one.

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