Saturday, January 5, 2013

Down To Mars' Video New Year Message to Marsians

Today, I got a pleasant surprise from a friend. Really super heaps of thanks! Actually this is not only a surprise for me but as well as for all fans of Down To Mars.

As everyone knows, today, Down To Mars had a very busy day filming their second music video under the sun. Yes, 'Oh, Oh Here We Are' MV will be out next week and everybody must look forward to it. But, despite their busy schedule, members were able to give their New Year greetings to all their fans.

I have compiled in one video all the members greeting as well as uploaded in Lizzy Crazee YouTube channel their individual greetings in their wife beater (sleeveless shirt, except for two ^^).   Notice that they tanned a bit because of the filming. Also, though tired and lacking in sleep they still all look good, right?

Btw, with just one request to give their New Year's message to Marsians, Down To Mars readily agreed to it.  Now, here's the video...

Note : For high quality video, change quality to 1080p

Here's their individual greetings...

The first video of Jeongwon is so cute that
I have to watch it over and over again.
This vid is already take 2. ^_^

Loads of thanks Down To Mars for these greetings.  2013 will go a great year for you.  Seize 2013! 

Aside from this surprise, I also got another one from Daisuke, Jeongwon and Jang.  Much thanks again for the time.  I know you were all busy after the filming but you still agreed to my friend's favor.  I really really appreciate it.  I already owe you lots.

Oh, do not forget to watch Party Pilipinas this coming Sunday and look forward to their 'Oh, Oh Here We Are' MV as well as their billboard next week.


  1. Correct! Seize 2013 Down To Mars! Txs for the video greetings.

  2. Hello! Di ko alam na may kanya kanya palang greetings ang DTM dito para sa mga fans kundi pa ako nagcheck di ko malalaman. Thank you sa pag share!!!! Bakit di ni-retweet ng DTM?

  3. Wow! Nice video greetings sa mga members. crazee_lizzy pwede mo rin bang ishare yung 1st take ni Jeongwon?

    Salamat dito.


    1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by again. Hee, pag-isipan ko. ^^