Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Down To Mars Turns 2!

22nd of May 2013  marks the 2nd Year Anniversary of Down To Mars.  Huh?! Time flies fast, right?

Anyway, two days before the exact date of their anniversary, Down To Mars had an impromptu meet and greet in Trinoma right after Party Pilipinas.

Daisuke, Jang, Jeongwon, Kenji, Kiro and Yheen spent almost two hours chatting, laughing, having photo op, doing video greetings and giving fan signs to their fans. Fans and passersby inside the mall of course are so happy and giddy that they were able to spend quality time with the members of Down To Mars this time not under the sun.

As today is the day, you may wish to greet Down To Mars (@WeAreDownToMars) on Twitter and use the hash tag #Happy2ndYearDownToMars.

By the way, currently, Down To Mars is preparing something for June 3.  But before that, a day before their 2nd year anniversary,  members had a taping in GMA's 'Magpakaylanman', a weekly drama anthology of inspiring stories hosted by broadcaster Mel Tiangco.

In the coming episode of 'Magpakaylanman' which Louise de los Reyes and Ken Chan are starring, members of Down To Mars will be playing the role of students.  'Magpakaylanman' airs every Saturday after 'Vampire Ang Daddy Ko'.

Alright, let me now give my greeting and wishes to Down To Mars

First off, Happy 2nd Year Anniversary Daisuke, Jang, Jeongwon, Kenji, Kiro and Yheen!

I wish you double happiness and fun, good health and lots of projects. Likewise, stay positive, be an inspiration, keep being modest, courteous and respectful.  Keep encouraging one another, be more supportive, determined, mindful, ambitious and serious to your craft. Also, continue to do quality songs.

Moreover, hope that you will continue to be adorable, dorky, charming, cute and handsome.

With that I also hope that you will not mind about what other people think of you.  There will always be those people who want to see you fail becuase they cannot succeed. Remember that success will come from not only following your dreams but having people there who believe in your dreams too. And you all know who those people who believe in you.

Lastly, I  wish that as you reach for the sky your feet will remain firmly on the ground.

All the best for you guys!




  1. DOWN TO MARS, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! More power to your career!

  2. Christine LumibaoMay 22, 2013 at 9:49 AM

    #Happy2ndYrAnnivDownToMars!! more blessings guys... Lovelots! ♥

  3. happy 2nd year anniv down to mars! I miss all of you so much. i love you!
    thanks lizzy for your blog. someday i hope dtm will comment here. you deserve to get reply from them.

  4. Down To Mars, I really dont know what to say but I want you guys to know how happy and proud I am as a Solid Marsian, I know that I havent been showy on how I really feel about you guys but seriously Im so crazy about you, I wanted to hug you, take a picture with you like a hundred times, but I think im just a lil scared of I dont know.. Anyway, Ill promise you guys that Im not gonna leave you and will always help you in anyways i can.. #Happy2ndYearDownToMars

  5. Bakit parang hindi nasesave yung comment ko.. Creepy.. This is the 3rd Time na magpost dito..

  6. Hi Bi Rye Han! Your comment has been filtered as spam earlier but was already able to publish it. Thank you so much for visiting and leaving comments.

  7. Down To Mars <3 More years to come for these talented, cute, handsome, nice guys :))) Spread the Marsian love :)))