Thursday, May 9, 2013

Down To Mars First Acoustic Blows Me Away

Fans have deeply fallen in love with Down To Mars as the group released their acoustic cover version of One Direction's 'More Than This' on YouTube today.

Seriously, after listening to the video, Down To Mars is treating everybody not only more of eye candy but as well as ear candy with this kind of music.

Check the video below lifted from the official YouTube channel of Down To Marsdownto mars, and enjoy the studio live version of 'More Than This' by Down To Mars.

The powerful vocals of Jang, Jeongwon and Kenji take on higher-energy that carry this group's unearthing vocals to new heights. Jang remains in control and displays the great technique and skill. I like it when Jeongwon starts off gently, then builds into this momentous ballad that allows him to belt his voice to the highest potential. We hear Kenji's strumming the strings to add depth and richness while members mounting beautiful coats of singing one after another. He also delivers sweet piece by singing. Daisuke's roaring lower register sounds beautiful here.

The groups's mind-blowing vocals, make way for 'More Than This', where we hear them serenading their emotions through exhilarating melodies and bright harmonies.

I strongly believe that this show of real talent in this video proves that Down To Mars has transcended the boyband status to become a complete musicians.

Congratulations Down To Mars for coming up with this idea!  Looking forward to the next one. 

P.S.  Down To Mars worked hard to put up this video.  Keep on listening to the video (in full) on their official YouTube channel to increase the views and LIKE the video if you may. Spread the link on other social networking sites to increase awareness. 


  1. Beautiful blending! More music like this from DTM please.

  2. Another wonderful blog! DTM's really awesome!

  3. Dbest ;) isa pa !

  4. Super like ko ang version ng DTM! Jeongwon and Jang the best ang vocals ninyo.

  5. I think 1D should cover DTM :) This is really amazing.. The vocal are well blended!!

  6. i really love jeongwon the most specially in his cover songs posted in youtube.. he really got the voice.. keep on uploading covers..i really like his korean covers specially the haengbok song..
    i just want to share this link
    ,,please browse and watch the video its really awesome

    they're still many people waiting for your new covers and tv shows....fighting!! jeongwon...
    ^^and keep on posting DTM updates on your blog,