Monday, May 6, 2013

Down To Mars in Party Pilipinas Loud & Clear

This Sunday I went to watch for the first time live remote broadcast of Party Pilipinas. This time around Party Pilipinas Loud and Clear was at Le Pavilion in Macapagal Blvd.

Though the heat was scorching hot, I still had a lot of fun because for about three weeks (I guess), I saw again Daisuke, Jang, Jeongwon, Kenji, Kiro and Yheen. Honestly, I sort of miss seeing these charming fellows. Seeing them again today gave me lots of reasons to smile and laugh.

Today, Party Pilipinas started quite late because of the Mayweather and someone boxing bout which was telecast by GMA. The show went on air at around 1:30PM. Down To Mars were in two segments. First was in the opening and the second was at Sayaw Pilipinas. (Sigh... it would have been 3 prod number if not for Mayweather prolonging the fight ^_^... oh well next time again)

If you missed their spots or want to watch Down To Mars again, here is a video that contains the opening in which you will see Down To Mars in mark 6:47. Twenty minutes or so in the same video, on mark 25:25 you will see Down To Mars together with Kris Bernal in a breathtaking dance number.

That dance number according to members was kind of tough to do. But don't you think that they did well? Amongst the spots in Sayaw Pilipinas today, I like Down To Mars with Kris Bernal and Rochelle Pangilinan's portions the best. From what I witnessed in the audience, I strongly believe that they also like these two portions a lot.

With that, let me now share with you some photos that I took from today's live broadcast. I just need to apologies ahead as some of the photos from Down To Mars second production number are few and blurry as it is difficult to shoot them in motion. Likewise, I failed to set the mode of my camera. Anyway, I still hope that you will enjoy my photos.


From Sayaw Pilipinas.

That all for Party Pilipinas Loud and Clear.  

Next week, Party Pilipinas will be on remorte live broadcast again.  This time the party will be at the MOA Arena.


  1. Thank you! I always love visiting your blog specially when you watch them live in studio because of the exclusive photos from you. Keep up the good work!

  2. Yay!!Ill be grabing some of you pictures ok?!

  3. Yay!!! ill be grabing some of you pictures ok?! You dont know how much I lovw this boys :)