Monday, May 20, 2013

Down To Mars in Party Pilipinas Take A Bow

Today after three years, Party Pilipinas takes its final bow on GMA.

With episode dubbed as Party Pilipinas Take A Bow, with Director Rico Gutierrez heading Team B, singers, artists and dancers showcased for the last time their prowess in singing and dancing.

Though Party Pilipinas take its final bow, I believe that the show showcased the best line up of the country's singers and dancers. The show has been the stage for many uprising artists who have honed their talent in singing and dancing and this included Down To Mars whose home for 2 years has been Party Pilipinas.

At today's show, Down To Mars also celebrated their 2nd year anniversary. The group treated their fans with a dance number in the segment called Sayaw Pilipinas and made fans giddy by performing One Direction's 'One More' in their 2nd performance.

Check out the awesome performance of the artists and dancers in 36:28 for the full segment of Sayaw Pilipinas. Or you may fast forward to 42:29 mark for Down To Mars spot only.

And here is Down To Mars' rendition of One Direction's 'One More'. Fast forward to mark 27:32.

Sharing with you collage from the final stage of Party Pilipinas. Sorry for some of the blurry photos. 

Following are snapshots of Down To Mars after their Sayaw Pilipinas segment as they hug and congratulated Sayaw Pilipinas crew for the two years they worked with them.

 With AddLib's Dance Head Joe Abuda

From the 2nd performance of Down To Mars, here are the photos from this shutterbug.


Jeongwong giving a flying kiss while Kenji and Daisuke giving heart signs to fans in the gallery.

Catch  Jeongwon's flying kiss.

Jang, Yheen, Jeongwong, Kenji, Daisuke and Kiro bowing to fans for the support.

At the final curtain call.


Party Pilipinas may have taken its final curtain call but that does not mean that we will not be seeing Down To Mars again.  Though we might not be seeing them every Sunday starting next week, continue to support them as they prepare for the next projects they will have.

 Also, even if there is no more Party Pilipinas, I will try my best (crossing my fingers and toes) to give latest photos of Daisuke, Jang, Jeongwon, Kenji, Kiro and Yheen if and ever I see them.

With that and for now, thanks for visiting my blog to get updates about Down To Mars every time they perform in Party Pilipinas

P.S.  I will be sharing more photos from yesterday Party Pilipinas later. 


  1. Christine LumibaoMay 20, 2013 at 11:11 AM

    i super love their performance MAY 19, 2013 ! it's a fun and amazing day... this is WOW :)

  2. I will miss Down To Mars for sure. Thank you crazee_lizzy for the beautiful pictures again. Sana di ka magsawang mag share sa amin.

  3. Thank you so much.. This is Really wonderfull Crazy Li'l Me!!!
    Daisuke, Jang, Jeongwon, Kenji, Kiro and Yheen Im gonna miss Sunday Afternoon Habit with you guys!!!

  4. SUPER nakakaiyak ang Anniv prod ng dtm dhl sa
    sobrang saya at pagkaproud =))))))
    UNEXPECTED pa tong prod nato, Todo
    tweet pa kme sa PartyP at ngre2klamo
    bkt walang anniv prod ang DTM tas
    meron pala. Kaya pagkalabas nla agad
    at nagappear sa screen ang "Happy
    Annversary DownToMars" WHOAAA!
    HEAVEN! Naiyak nlng tlaga ako hbang
    Sobrang mamimiss ko ang DTM :( 2yrs na evry sunday ksama at npapanuod. Sana kasama pdn cla s show n papalit sa PP.. I LOVE YOU Down To Mars. Forever Solid Marsian<3


  6. Ang astig nio ! :)) ang lakas ng boses mga naqchecheer ♥♥

  7. Since i wasnt present in the studio when they performed, i cried while watching them perform. Its very touching. My dream song. AT long last..They are very talented and i know they will go very far knowing their talent.. Go mga bebes!