Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Down To Mars Invaded MOA Skating Rink 05.12.2013

After Party Pilipinas at the MOA Arena on Mother's Day, Down To Mars members went to  MOA Ice Skating Rink to randomly give flowers to mothers.

As Daisuke, Jang, Jeongwon, Kenji, Kiro and Yheen walked inside the mall to go to the skating rink, they did not expect that they will be recognized and  approached passionately by fans. Fans gathered and mobbed them as they give flowers randomly to mothers.

Members were surprised at the crowd gathered at the skating rink that they then choose to treat the fans with photo op in which fans were incredibly happy.

Minutes passed by and fans still continue to gather until MOA security came to assist Down To Mars leave the rink.

Here are photos I have taken last Sunday at the MOA Ice Skating Rink.

 Yheen, Jeongwon and Daisuke

 Kenji and Daisuke

 Jeongwon, Daisuke, Jang and Kenji

Daisuke, Kenji, Kiro

 Yheen, Jang, Jeongwon, Daisuke and Kenji

 Yheen, Jang, Kenji and Jeongwon

Finally the members were assisted at the parking lot. But hey look, even the security who assisted them cannot resist not having their photo taken with the members.

Btw, at the parking lot, fans still gathered and members treated them more with photo op.  Whoa! What a fan service treat for fans members gave last Sunday! 

Everyone is happy. ^_^


  1. Wow!Ang daming marsians! :))

  2. Grabe tlgang pinagkaguluhan cla! Kung andun bka isa dn ako sa nkikigulo at nkikisigaw hahaha :D nkakamiss cla!! :(

  3. Christine LumibaoMay 15, 2013 at 9:30 AM

    wow. i was there also... dinumog ng napaka daming tao... i miss them !

  4. nice one... you are truly have the talents not just the looks! keep it up.

  5. Alexandra GalangMay 15, 2013 at 10:55 AM

    wow. kayo na! the best talaga ang Down To Mars...omg :)

  6. wow. galing galing ng performance niyo at sobra sobra tlga ang support ng mga marsians sainyo. keep it up. Godbless! more blessings

  7. You guys always amazed me... I'm Proud be one of MARSIAN'S ... I Love You Guys!!! Please take care of your health. Eat a lot! ^___^

  8. wow!!! grabe ang saya daming Marsians ^_^