Monday, April 15, 2013

Jang Birthday Celebration with His Fans 04.14.13

First, let me thank Jang for giving me the chance to be part of this celebration.  It was an awesome experience being around the people whom he loves dearly.  I met again his mom and younger brother Nichol, his grandmother, aunt and  cousin, of course there is Down To Mars, DTM's manager Ms. Geleen Eugenio and a whole bunch of Jangmons.

Jang's birthday was yesterday but I can still feel the excitement from yesterday's Party Pilipinas Summer Crush to the time we ended Jang's birthday celebration in Yellow Cab at the Mall of Asia.

When I saw Jang yesterday morning he was a picture of a happy little boy man.  Checking on his phone every now and then reading greetings from friends and fans make his eyes sparkle and lips smile wide.

From time to time though, I can see that he is kind of nervous whenever probably he thinks of the solo number he will do on Party Pilipinas Love. But Jang would still smile.

Party Pilipinas Love segment came, Jang was nervous.  Down To Mars members and their manager, Ms. Geleen Eugenio are on the left side of the stage to give their support to Jang.  Jang's family is in the VIP section excitedly waiting at the same time nervous especially Jang's mom.  Down To Mars fans at the gallery with their yellow balloons are also waiting.

Jang turn came he was greeted by loud cheers then he started singing 'More Than You'll Ever Know'.  Though I was busy clicking my camera to take some good photos to share to fans, there was a time that I had to stop and get mesmerize by Jang voice and feel the emotion coming from his singing.  Like I mentioned in my previous post, Jang did an awesome performance.

His performance made his mom, grandmother and aunt cry.  I even have to console his grandmother who was seated right beside me and ask her if she is okay.  She said many times, that she is so proud of Jang. The emotional me was also about to cry but kept my composure and just continue to hug her.

Jang with his (L to R) aunt, cousin and grandmother.

Saw Jang after his performance and congratulated him of course.

After PP Love, there was an interview.  Check this video as Jang thanks special people and their sponsors.

In Party Pilipinas, Jang already received lots of love from many people. With the help of Daisuke, Jeongwon, Kenji, Kiro and Yheen here are just some of the cakes he received.

Daisuke, Kiro, Jang, Yheen, Jeongwon & Kenji 
with cakes from Jangmons, Yannah & Chef Noodles.

Party Pilipinas Summer Crush ended and the real celebration of Jang's birthday together with his fans is to happen in MOA Arena.

Two weeks ago, Jang came up with an idea to watch a game of basketball with his younger brother Nichol who is a big fan of Talk N Text because of Jimmy Alapag.  Since his birthday is coming he then decided to watch it with Nichol together with his fans (i find this really unique).  So that big plan happened on the same day as Jang's birthday as there is a Ginebra San Miguel vs Talk N Text in MOA Arena.

Right after Party Pilipinas fans who are interested to join hurried to MOA.  Jang met them inside the MOA Arena and the party started by watching, bullying, shouting and cheering.  There were about 20 or so Jangmons who joined and enjoyed the game.

The game ended and happiest among us who were present is Jang's brother Nichol because his team won.  Actually, I am glad that his team won because the last time Talk N Text loss Jang tweeted that Nichol cried. ^_^

To celebrate the winning of Talk N Text, Jang, Nichol and his mom had this commemorative photo outside the entrance where we watched the game.

Of course there should be group photo whether your a Ginebra or Talk N Text fan, right?

After the game Jang decided to cap the night by treating everyone to Yellow Cab.

With this, @iamunicahija and the rest of the ladies who prepared a surprise for Jang took this opportunity to present the cake in which I understand the ladies baked the whole morning just for Jang.

As the night ended, everyone who was present had this big smile on their face.

I can see and feel that Jang really loves his fans. Jang could have chosen to be only with his family  on his birthday but he decided to spend it with his fans and his family.  Likewise though he lacks sleep, Jang never showed any sign of fatigue and still entertained his fans and gave in their requests for individual photo and  fan signs.

When I had the opportunity to talk to Jang before we parted, he said to me that he feels so blessed, happy, thankful and contented.  I felt the sincerity.

With that, let us all wish Jang the best of everything in the coming years.  Happy Birthday again, JANG!


  1. ganun po ba tlga siya ka close sa mga fans nya? galing naman neto.

    -new marsian

    1. Yes Jang ganyan ka close si Jang with his fans. Maski ibang Down To Mars members ganyan din. Napaka down to earth nilang lahat.

  2. cool ng mga jangmons! @wearedowntomars led me here.

  3. naman super happy ako na nakasama ko c kuya jang sa MOA to celebrate his wonderful birthday.. laove you kuya. thnks po ms. lizzy sa blog na ito. :)

  4. Belated happy bday JANG! You are so nice to your fans.

  5. Sayang hindi ako nakapunta dito :(