Monday, April 15, 2013

[Photos] Down To Mars at the 66th Anniversary of Philippine Red Cross

Today marks the 66th Anniversary of Philippine Red Cross and being the Ambassadors of Philippine Red Cross, members of Down To Mars Daisuke, Jang, Jeongwon, Kenji, Kiro and Yheen were at SM Manila to give support to the organization.

The program in SM Manila started a little over at 11AM where Down To Mars performed One Direction's 'Live While We're Young' and their very own composition 'Nandito Lang Ako'.  As always, with their charm and nice voice, they were able to wow the crowd.

Down To Mars became the Ambassadors of Philippine Red Cross on February 25.  They were personally chosen by  PRC Pres. Richard Gordon to be the ambassadors of PRC when Down To Mars performed as volunteers at the 100 Million volunteer Run last February 12 and was impressed by the crowd's overwhelming reception to them.  Mr. Gordon even mentioned during the awarding and press conference on the 25th of February that he has chosen also Down To Mars to be the Ambassadors of PRC  for having a cause as well as their spirit of volunteerism to be part of the organization.  Mr. Gordon also added that they are good role models to the youth in our very challenging world today.

Now, sharing with everyone photos from their performance.

After Down To Mars have performed, the blood letting activity started in which Daisuke made a donation.

While Daisuke's blood is being extracted, members of Down To Mars  were surrounding him giving their full support to him.  Way to go Daisuke!

On the other hand, Jang and Jeongwon were doing rounds asking for donations from people gathered around the area.  They are so adorable doing it carrying the Red Cross donation can.  They were even singing a bit of singing (even Kenji) to entertain everyone around.

Shoving here photos  for you to enjoy.

 Kenji doing a bit of singing while he 
and Kiro giving their support to Dais.

After successfully doing the blood extraction. Isn't Daisuke handsome in the following photos?  We were even telling him that looking pale is good on him.  ^_^  Next time again Dais?



Daisuke holding the bag of blood extracted from him.

 Hmm wonder what these two are looking at? ^_^

You guys should have seen Jeongwon carrying this can around.
I swear, he's so cute. ^_^

 Kiro never left Daisuke. Such a sweet lad.

 Jang did a great job hosting and entertaining the people in the area.

Kenji dancing a bit to 'Gangnam Style'

 Dais relaxing after the extraction.

In the following photos, check how Daisuke look so good looking after his blood extraction and after he had gained his strength.

Proud members of Down To Mars.


That's all from me for this event.  Let's wait for the video of their performance to be uploaded later.


  1. really an interesting group. i just saw them in sm manila.

    1. Thanks Anonymous for dropping by and posting a comment. Hope you get to know more about Down To Mars. You will surely like the group.

  2. I always look forward to your photos. Thank you for sharing them with us.