Monday, April 15, 2013

Down To Mars in Party Pilipinas Summer Crush

This Sunday, Party Pilipinas pegged its episode to Candy Crush and dubbed today's show as Party Pilipinas Summer Crush.

With colorful outfit Down To Mars members  Daisuke, Jang, Jeongwon, Kenji, Kiro and Yheen were at the opening and I find today's opening enjoyable and fun to watch. Not only because of the colorful outfit of everyone on stage but as well as the songs that were sang. Also, I swear I pretty much like how the stage was set up as there were no extended stages on the sides.

Here is the video of Down To Mars at the opening, fast forward to mark 7 minutes to start and at 15:13 together with the all stars (they're on the ledge).

Here is Down To Mars cut only share on my YouTube channel.

Nice opening, right? Though short again. Anyway...

Well, for those who were not in the studio. Jeongwon was supposed to be have a solo part in the opening but it did not push through. But one good thing about it was he was able to sing during the rehearsals with some of the top notch RnB singers that was heard by the audience and many others. I really hated myself for not being able to be at the rehearsals and took photos or video.  Anyway, I am sure pretty soon that Jeongwon will have his spot together with Party Pilipinas senior singers.

Here are photos from the opening. Some photos are in low quality (sorry about that).

 The birthday boy Jang, preparing to go up on stage for the opening.


Alright, now on with the next video. But before that, let me greet Jang once again a very"Happy Birthday!" And it was a happy birthday indeed as Jang received a very nice birthday present from Party Pilipinas a few days ago when he learned that he will be part of Party Pilipinas Love

When he announced this over on Twitter, every Down To Mars supporters and Jangmons (Jang's fans) were all anticipating this and wishing him good luck.

Party Pilipinas Summer Love is a segment in which  songs are requested by viewers with their own short story on Facebook are sang and dedicated to them or their loved ones. This is the first time that a member of Down To Mars is included in this segment and there is no other episode to make it perfect for Jang as he celebrates his birthday.

The power balladeer of Down To Mars, Jang crafted an exceptional piece of performance in today's Party Pilipinas Summer Crush. Jang sang 'More Than You'll Ever Know' with so much passion. You may check the video below in mark 19:10 to hear him singing absolutely beautiful here.

Here are alternate video for Jang's cut on PP Love and interview that I shared on my YouTube channel.

Jang is always in control of his voice and displays the great technique and skill that he has become a substantial contribution to what Down To Mars has showed.

I have no other words for Jang except awesome after he finished his song. I am so proud of him.

Inside the studio, members of Down To Mars including their manager, Ms. Geleen Eugenio were in full support of Jang. They were all seated at the left side to motivate him and cheer for him.

During Jang's performance I was seated near his family and I was not surprised at all to see them crying when Jang was singing until he finished. I could feel their love and how they are so proud of him.

Down To Mars supporters and Jang's so called Jangmons (his fans) cheered very loud for him which I think gave Jang the more reason to sing to his heart's content.

Though as a group Down To Mars only had one production number today, rather than giving us a giddy-to-the-bone and charming-adorable song and dance number today, Jang on stage represented Down To Mars as one of the members with a talent to boot. With that, let us expect that Down To Mars will treat us with a lot of great performances not only as a group probably as individual as well and keep doing their best to blow us away.

 In this video below, Jang was at the closing in mark 28:10.  Check it!

Now, sharing here some of the photos from PP Love.  Hope you like them.


Happy Birthday, Jang!  I wish you all the best that life has to offer.

Watch out for my next entry as I share with you Jang's birthday celebration with his fans.


  1. this is a very nice birthday gift for jang. i love your blogs. i always read it.

  2. Nice solo performance JANG!

    Thank you again @crazee_lizzy for your wonderful pictures.