Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Down To Mars on The Tim Yap Show 04.09.13

Finally, I have a copy of the cut video of Down To Mars guesting on The Tim Yap show which we all saw last Tuesday, 9th of April over at GMA.

If you missed watching it or you want to see how adorkable each members of Down To Mars in this show again, and likewise see the cute pillow fight, watch the video.

Alright, who do you think is the most adorkable member of Down To Mars?


  1. i'll go for jeongwon. nice answer.

  2. yung naka fedora po ba leader ng down to mars?

  3. jang! yheen. daisuke.

  4. All of them are adorkable. But my eyes are on Jeongwon & Yheen.

    Thank you for the nice blog. Keep it up!