Monday, August 12, 2013

Photos of Down To Mars from the 4th KPopFest 08.11.2013

Finally! Down To Mars was able to set their feet on stage at the  4th KPopFest at the Cinema 3 of SM Mega Mall.

On the 11th of August, members Daisuke, Jang, Jeongwon, Kenji and Yheen, collectively known as Down To Mars performed on stage EXO's 'Baby Don't Cry' and their original composition 'Nandito Lang Ako' to KPop fans who graced the 4th KPopFest Contest.

Their rendition of EXO's 'Baby Don't Cry' showcased Jang, Jeongwon and Kenji's powerful voice as well as Yheen rapping skill. As for 'Nandio Lang Ako' Jang and Jeongwon once again hit the high notes while the rest of the group's harmony blended so well.

I mentioned in my post HERE that there was a bit of apprehension in attending KPopFest for Down To Mars as this event may not be their turn as there are  quite a number of KPop fanatics who still think that PPop is a copycat of KPop but Down To Mars.  But since I was there and was a witness as to how the group somehow impressed the crown, I believe that they have proven something. To add to this, a Korean friend who also watched them performed was impressed in their interpretation of 'Baby Don't Cry' he was a bit disappointed though that they did not dance. 

I have taken a number of photos again that I am shoving here, but I think that I made a wrong decision for not taking a video of their 'Baby Don't Cry' performance. Anyway, I promise that the next time they sing it, I will take a video of it and share with everyone. For the meantime, indulge first in this video taken by anna park and photos courtesy of yours truly.

 Jeongwon Song

 Yheen Valero

 Kenji Chua

 Daisuke Hagihara

 Jang Amparna

(L to R) Jang, Daisuke, Jeongwon, Yheen & Kenji

After Down To Mars' performance I talked to them and asked  how they feel performing on stage in front of KPop fanatics.  According to them, they feel good after their performance and happy at the reception they got while singing. With this, Down To Mars would like to thank once again KPopFest organizers for the invitation and to the KPop fans who were in attendance.


  1. i am not a fan. but they sang good considering its exo song. keep it up. covers please.

  2. yaaahh! gusto ko yung kinanta nila.. super galing :)

  3. waaaahhhh..... namimiss ko na talaga sila.... sorry di nakapunta sa kfest2... may obligasyon lang sa trabaho...