Monday, August 5, 2013

Down To Mars in Sunday All Stars 08.04.13

Down To Mars made their first guesting in GMA's Sunday All Stars yesterday, 4th of August.  They were the guest performers of Tweet Hearts.

It has been a while since supporters of Down To Mars have seen them perform live on TV and everyone got excited when they saw them on stage performing. Members of Down To Mars, Daisuke, Jang, Jeongwon, Kenji and Yheen reunited with Kiro (supposedly with Sky as well) performed 'Sorry Sorry' (English version) together with XLR8 (all members got reunited once again).

Here is video courtesy of PinoyTV of Fast forward to 19:25 mark to see Down To Mars performance.

Here is a video from the studio courtesy of downto mars.

Not enough seeing them on video, right? You wish there are more? Pray harder and bombard GMA with requests, tweets and whatever means for them to guest Down To Mars once again. I heard that the studio came alive when Down To Mars and XLR8 performed which means that there is a clamour for these two boy bands which rivalry goes way back.

As I was in the studio, I took photos of them while doing the tech run and live performance as well. I will be shoving first photos from the tech run followed by photos from the live performance.

Now, here are photos from the live performance.  I have to apologize for not taking all photos of the members. From where I was I can only get a good view of Jeongwon, Jang and Kenji during the performance especially when the crowd started getting excited and stood up.

Down To Mars with Steven Silva

I still have lots of photos of each member from SAS as well as Green Invasion Fashion Show.  Stay tuned for more posts and photos, alright?

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  1. wow. i follow your blogs and down to mars looked expensive here lol